Zoo Atlanta is Homeschool Friendly!

by Tiffiny Necol Miller
(Tucker, GA, USA)

Homeschool Friendly Zoo Atlanta is the Place for Animal Lovers!

Homeschool Friendly Zoo Atlanta is the Place for Animal Lovers!

I let my son attend the Zoo Atlanta homeschooling programs because he is a lover of animals and science, plus it is extremely informational.

I have only utilized this program for a year and son far my son just cant wait for the first visit of the school year. I considered this trip in the (Science) area, but I did not grade it because was 4yrs old and not yet enrolled in the GA k12 homeschooling program, but he is now.

He is getting reading for Kindergarten and is overjoyed by the science projects coming up.

I "Love" the Zoo Atlanta homeschooling programs because they helps my son embrace his true love for animals and life in general.

Its affordable for me because he is my only child and I spare no expense in regards to my son. On the other hand, the price is good considering the hands-on classes that are given by a private zoo instructor.

Cut cost at the zoo buy eating a heavy meal before going and drinking plenty of fluids, or you will be forced to buy an expensive bottle of water there.

Tiffiny Miller

Great tips! Thanks for notifying other homeschool families about the special programs at Zoo Atlanta! Blessings, Heather

Homeschool in the Atlanta area? Check out the Zoo Atlanta homeschooling programs.

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