Wowzabrain Reading Program

by Shannon

Homeschooling mom of three highly recommends Wowzabrain reading program for new or struggling readers and children with dyslexia; read her review...

Wowzabrain is a curriculum to help your new and/or struggling reader to improve/learn good reading skills. I have 3 children with various levels of dyslexia and Wowzabrain has been awesome for them all. It helps with dysgraphia too, as some of the games (all of the activities are "games" so your child can enjoy them) involve tracing letters.

I've used this program for my kindergartener (his 1 day a week teacher noticed a HUGE difference in his reading skills in a matter of weeks!), my 1st grader (LOVES reading and constantly seeks it out now, whereas he used to moan when I would make him read) and my 3rd grader, who was chomping at the bit to do Wowza when he saw his younger brothers using it.

Wowzabrain is entirely web-based, but you consult with the staff and they have genius ideas whenever you are stuck on something/need help. You have regular appointments with them to check-in on your progress. The folks who run the program are all strong Christians - just lovely, hard working folks.

The program costs $245 for 6 months but it very worth it to take your child up a couple grade levels and, more importantly, increase his confidence and love for reading. Check out

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the Wowzabrain reading program - I have never heard of it before! I know other parents will find your review helpful, especially those who aren't sure how to teach reading, or who have struggling readers. Blessings, Heather :)

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Mar 18, 2014
wowzabrain curriculum
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comments on the reading program. I am wondering if you started at level 1 with your children or level 2. I have twins in kinder that have started to read, but would like to work with them to prepare them for 1st grade. Don't know if level one is too simple or to start at level 2. any thoughts ?

Mar 18, 2014
Levels for Wowzabrain
by: Anonymous

Level 1 is very basic reading - learning letter names and sounds and doing some short books. If your kids already know the letter sounds, I would recommend level 2 for your twins as it sounds like they are already reading some. It's a good workout for the brain but fun too and my now 2nd grader really took off with reading fluency and speed once he finished that program when he was in first grade. Hope this helps!

May 09, 2014
checking out wowzabrain
by: jenny

checked out the wowzabrain site today and am scheduling an assessment for my son who is having a really hard time learning to read.
I am curious if the web-site is user friendly and easy to navigate and if children are engaged by it?

May 13, 2014
by: Anonymous

Hi Jenny,
Yes, very user friendly, even containing a metronome if you don't have your own. And honestly, this stuff is WAY more fun and attention-holding for kids than anything else I've seen/used for helping struggling readers. I really hope it works out well for you and you are very blessed by it!

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