Working Parents Homeschooling Support, Help and Tips for Success

Need to work, but still want to homeschool? For working parents homeschooling support is extremely important, but not always easy to find.

Working and homeschooling at the same time is not easy.

Homeschooling without the pressure of having to earn a paycheck is hard enough; add the pressure of work and homeschooling may seem like an impossible endeavor.

However, there are many parents who hold down a full or part-time job while schooling their children at the same time.

Perhaps you are considering homeschooling your kids but don't know how you can possibly do it while working outside your home.

Working Parents Homeschooling Support and Help

As a working parent, it's essential to connect with other parents who work and homeschool. A working parents homeschool support group will focus on the specific needs of you, the working parent.

Many of the struggles you will face will be the same as everyone else, but you also have the added pressure of holding down a job, coordinating work schedules with your spouse or your child care provider, while you are at work.

So How Do You Work While Homeschooling?

To successfully work and homeschool, you will need to enlist the help of others. If you are married, you and your spouse will need to work closely together as you oversee your child/ren’s education while both working.

Homeschooling schedules are flexible and can be customized around your family and work schedule. While you are at work, your spouse can oversee certain subjects, and vice versa.

Homeschooling can take place any time of the day – morning, noon or evening, but be careful when schooling younger children; they will tire easily in the evening.

If you are a single parent and work full time, you will encounter other challenges, but homeschooling is still an option.

Hopefully you have a great relationship with family members, who support the choice to homeschool. Many grandparents are willing to do anything for their grandkids, and a growing population includes homeschooling in their care-giving responsibilities. Some grandparents take their grandkids to enrichment and co-op classes when the working parent can’t; a true blessing.

No grandparents in your vicinity? Try relatives, or close friends who support you and are interested in your child’s educational welfare.

Other Working Parents

No one else can know what you tackle each day raising and homeschooling kids as a single or working parent. If you don't have relatives nearby, find another working parent or two who homeschool. You can work together to homeschool your children, much the same way a married couple would, and will give and receive a little working parents homeschooling support in the process.

Other Homeschool Families

Sometimes you will find other homeschool families who will homeschool other people's kids; some do it as a ministry for others who need short-term help, other families do it to earn additional money to help with their own financial needs. This may be an option for you as well as some great working parents homeschooling support! :)

Your Employer

Try to gain the support of your employer. Many employers are understanding of family situations and are willing to work with their employees, especially if you provide exceptional services while on the job.

If you work for a small family-type business, you may be able to bring an older child to work with you from time to time. Older students/teens who work independently will cause little disruption so you can get your work done and monitor their schooling at the same time.

Work-at-Home Flexibility

If bringing your child to work with you isn't possible, as in most cases, perhaps your employer would allow you to do some of your work at home. Depending on your job, all or certain parts of it may be able to be done elsewhere.

Create Your Own Network

It's so easy to give-up when things go wrong; even easier with no accountability. Can't find any working parents homeschool support in your area? Start your own group.

It doesn't have to be big, just find a few others in your situation and get together to give and receive support. You can meet at each other's home, at a church or at the library.

If you have any working parents homeschooling support questions, would like to share advice or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear from you.

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