Winter Promise Homeschool Curriculum Review

by Rebecca Ison
(North Pole, AK U.S.A.)

Winter Promise Homeschool Curriculum Woes

Winter Promise Homeschool Curriculum Woes

Good homeschool curriculum plus poor service equals a negative impact. Read one mom's Winter Promise woes and her company call that came too late.

This year, we decided to try curriculum from Winter Promise, a literature-based program. However, we were very disappointed. Our family has homeschooled for 15 yrs., and we have used this type of program before. (i.e. Beautiful Feet, etc.)

The program itself seemed to be what fit our family at this time. I chose their Animals and Their World for my lower elementary guys (K4 and 2nd grade) and Sea and Sky for my upper elementary (5th and 7th). The program would have covered history, science, reading, bible and art for two grade levels. I'm always looking for ways to combine grades.

The problem that I had was with the shipping and customer service. I ordered my curriculum the beginning of august. I realize that that is an extremely busy time of the year for any homeschool company. So I was prepared for the books to come in a little later than usual.

However, none of my order came in a timely manner. Since it was literature based, it consisted of a lot of books. I would get a package in one week with two or three books. A couple of weeks later I would receive a package containing a couple more books.

I emailed them using their email address from their website around the end of October, asking them when I could expect to receive the balance of my order, and received no response. As of Christmas, I was still missing six books. I have not been
able to follow their curriculum guide, because we do not have the books when we have needed them.

Over Christmas break, I decided to totally switch to another curriculum, because I lost my children's interest somewhere in all of the jumping around I had to do with the curriculum. I also realized that they had really learned very little this whole semester, so why was I wasting my time and effort?

After the new year, I told a friend of mine (who is one of their representatives) how disappointed I was with the program, that I had emailed the company and had gotten no response, and that we were scrapping the program. She said that my email must have just gotten lost in the shuffle. She contacted the company, and they did call me.

They explained how sorry that they were, that the company had grown very fast, that they had a hard time keeping up. I feel that they do have a good curriculum program, but they do not run the company very efficiently. I would be leary of ever recommending their company for that reason. If I decided to go with a literature based program again, I'd stick with a tried and true company like Beautiful Feet!

Rebecca, I am so sorry you had such problems homeschooling this year and all of it because of a curriculum company's growing pains. Hopefully your complaint was a wake-up call for them and they developed a better system to fulfill their orders and improve their customer service.

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Sep 01, 2009
Just what I'm afraid of
by: Anonymous

I was told 7 days for my order to ship. It's been 12 and they aren't returning my e-mails or phone call. We want to start soon!

Sep 01, 2009
Winter Promise Complaint
by: Heather

I just wanted to let you know that I contacted Winter Promise personally notifying them of complaints left on my website regarding their customer service. Hopefully you will hear from them soon and they can rectify the problem.


Aug 08, 2011
Still late...
by: Anonymous

I am having the same problems with them and here it is 2 years later. I ordered my curriculum a month ago and still have not received all of it. Like you said it comes in different shipments. I have been able to contact them via phone and email but their customer service is lagging, almost non-existent. This is very frustrating and I will not be ordering from them again--I wish I would have read your review earlier!

Sep 06, 2011
shipping troubles
by: Lee

I too had to wait a long time to get all the books. I would call them weekly to inquire about the remainder of my order. I always left a message, but received a call back each time within 2 days. We would go through what was missing and they would let me know when it would arrive. I place a rather large order and am a repeat customer. I will admit it took some time to get it, but they did address my concerns and keep in contact with me.

Jul 19, 2014
Not good... NEW
by: Melly

I really hope that Rebecca received a full refund from WP for all of her heartache and trouble. That is horrible customer service. I was considering ordering from them but after reading this and also looking at their website and not really having any clue how to order a preK package, I think I will just stick with Sonlight.

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Sonlight & Winter Promise Curriculum for U.S. History

by Kimberly Schlimmer
(Sedro-Woolley, WA U.S.A)

Home School Teacher

Home School Teacher

Sometimes change is needed. Learn why this home educator made the switch from Sonlight to Winter Promise Curriculum...

We have used Sonlight for many years and enjoyed the materials, and subjects we studied. At times there was too much reading (books) when we added our own extra curricular activities to keep up. (We had a Speech club we participated in where a lot of research and time were required.) Then I was introduced to Winter Promise Curriculum. My children really enjoyed the style, the history, geography and many hands-on activities the Winter Promise Curriculum unit studies provided. For math we've used Life of Fred and Teaching Text Books; both are great math programs, that we'll continue with as we go through High School.

Thanks for sharing why you switched from Sonlight to Winter Promise Curriculum. I think most homeschooling families make curriculum switches; I'm glad there are so many great options for us to choose from. I appreciate the time you took to help others learn more about Winter Promise Curriculum – your comments are helpful! Blessings, Heather :)

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