Why I Should Be Home-schooled

by Chase

Public school student shares why he should be homeschooled; read his all-too-common story...

My story is that I get bullied everyday by at least one person at school. I usually don't get my homework done because I cant concentrate because other people are either talking or messing around... I would like to be home-schooled because I don't wanna be bullied and I want to concentrate more. I may not be able to see my friends but I'll take the risk of not seeing my friends if I'm home-schooled.

From your benefits to homeschooling list, my favorite benefits are:

1. One-one-One tutoring

2. A customized education

3. More opportunities for character building

4. Less peer pressure

5. No "School" work

6. More flexibility

7. More spontaneity

and lastly,

8. Curriculum that complements your faith values

That's my story on why i should be home-schooled.

- Chase Aljets

Thanks for sharing why you should be homeschooled, Chase. I think parents will find your story insightful and helpful; unfortunately, there are too many students going through similar situations. I hope one day, soon, you can enjoy the many benefits to homeschooling! Blessings, Heather :)

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