When to Start Home Schooling?

by Linden Jenesse
(Blue Springs, MO)

When to Start Home Schooling Question

When to Start Home Schooling Question

Should this mom wait to pull her high school teen from public school, or start home schooling now? Can you help?

I have recently decided to home school my daughter who has begun her freshman year of high school. I am trying to determine whether to require her to finish the semester at her public school, where she is bored to the point of not caring, or if it is a moot issue. We have perused many websites, including this one, and are pleased with the information we have found, however this is a unique situation.

I guess my concern is over the transcript/record keeping issue, and whether it would be better to have a complete transcript from the school for the semester or whether picking up at home where she is leaving off from school and creating her transcript (Thanks, Wendy!) so that it reflects a totally home schooled record for high school would be a better choice.

She is begging me to leave her school now, but there are only 3 1/2 weeks left to the semester. Any input or advice you have will be truly appreciated.

Hi Linden,
As far as the transcript, I don't think it really matters to a college whether or not all courses are done at home through homeschooling, or a few of her ninth grade courses were at a public school. When you create her transcript, you will add the courses she completed through the public school and then continue adding courses as she completes at home.

I can see the benefit of waiting three weeks to start home schooling. She will finish up the courses for this semester and then start fresh on her next set of courses - it will be easier for you (especially finishing 3 weeks of a 1/2 credit course or elective). You won't have to worry about finding resources, etc. to finish off a few weeks of a semester.

However, you can start home schooling anytime. If you feel it would be better for your daughter and her self-worth to pull her out now, then by means don't wait. Ask for her records from the school and then give her a final grade after she finishes the courses at home.

With a curriculum like Alpha Omega, its pretty easy to find out where your daughter would start. Look through the scope and sequence to find out what topics she has covered. You don't have to buy the whole course, you can just buy the booklets (lifepacs) for the topics she still needs to cover.

Well, that's my "two cents"... maybe someone else will offer additional guidance or tips for you too. :)

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Wishing you all the best,

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