When God Says You Can Homeschool

by Samara Mitchell
(Canton, Michigan)

You can homeschool! If you think you can't homeschool because you aren't smart enough or hated school as a kid, read this homeschooling mom's encouraging and convicting story...

My name is Samara,

I am a homeschool mom of two years now. In the beginning I panicked when I realized God was calling me to bring my son home to homeschool him. I felt that because I didn't care for school as a child and graduating with a C+ did not equip me to even think about teaching anybody. My confidence was out to lunch. But one day I heard God say, "This is not about you and what what you know, this is about Kyle and what I need to be planted in him." Not really understanding all that meant, but yet I believe that he knows more than I do.

I began to rely on my other homeschool friends at my church, there were so many resources right in front of me. With much prayer and reaching out I began to step into this new adventure for our family. My husband was fully supportive of this concept. We realized that this was more about building character and imparting into our son what God wanted in him, and not what society said he should be.

Having our children under the influence of others for hours during the course of the day depletes most of what has been deposited in them. Who and what they are around heavily influences them and can alter their path. As we began to see how sending him to school for the first year changed him, we then understood what needed to be done.

God has a path for each child and we need to aline our careers and our plans to fit into God's plans for our children.

This faith experience has really caused our family to grow together. We have the greatest support any homeschool family could have, you can't do it without it.

And that's our story,
Samara Mitchell

And what a wonderful story it is, Samara; thanks so much for sharing it! Parents who lack the confidence to homeschool will find your story encouraging and motivating; fence-sitters will find your story convicting. There will always be those who criticize us because we don't have the resources or schooling they think we need to educate our children. However, as you and many other parents know, when God says, "homeschool", we need to listen and obey. Wishing you many blessings in your homeschooling journey, Heather:)

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