What Homeschool High School Program Are You Using?

by Dena
(Rochester Hills, Mi, US)

Homeschool High School Questions

Homeschool High School Questions

I am taking my son out to home school him (9th gr) mid-year in Michigan. We travel for work and his dad is in Illinois and I will be sending him there.

Do I register him in the new school district even though he will be home schooled?

Also, what program do you use for high school (you stated less than 200.00) and I am still having hard time understanding the reporting of class credit (especially for high school sports participation/graduation or if he does not want to continue with home schooling and go back to a public school).

What do I use to show a public school or college that he actually did the work and has credit if I am not reporting to an administrator? And will they accept what you had posted (transcript example) on your website with a certified seal? (I was asked to have one when we came out to Michigan from California three years ago).

Bottom line, I have been researching this for a few months and my son has begged me to take him out of the current school (harassment with his spec.ed teacher) and his attendance has suffered. I really need guidance!

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Feb 23, 2010
Homeschool High School Questions
by: Heather

Hi Dena,
Both Michigan and Illinois have similar homeschool laws; you are not required to register in either state.

I would follow the homeschooling requirements for the state where he will call home. If Michigan is going to be home base for him and he will be visiting Illinois from time-to-time, then follow the Michigan requirements.

A difference between the two states: an education tax credit (up to $500) is available to you in Illinois (see https://www.olt.com/main/il/ilfaq9.asp); something to consider.

I use a variety of curriculum and materials with my teens. For a few years, we used mainly AOP (Alpha Omega homeschool curriculum); a entire grade costs around $200 or so (I don't buy AOP math). Since I have multiple children, I reuse the curriculum for the next child, so the initial investment costs more but each year after costs less.

To cut costs, my children do not write in some workbooks so we can reuse them. However, this doesn't always work well depending on the class or the student. Sometimes its just easier to write in the workbooks and buy new ones when the next child takes the course.

Up until this year, we have only used Saxon math. Over the years I have purchased the kits used from other homeschooling families; this has saved us money.

High school has cost us a bit more because my girls have taken extra classes at our homeschool co-op and one of my daughters is taking some college courses while in high school.

The free homeschool transcript template on our website has been used successfully by thousands of homeschooling families across the US; no one has ever told me that a college required a "seal".

You will include all the courses he took for high school on your transcript, along with the grades he received. Take a look at the sample home school transcript for help. You can customize the template with your own home school name and address.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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