West Virginia Homeschool Problems

by Margaret
(Ripley, WV)

West Virginia Homeschool Frustration - Please Help!

West Virginia Homeschool Frustration - Please Help!

Concerned parents need guidance and help to end their West Virginia homeschool frustrations..

My husband and I had filled out the intent to home school petition well in advance (we both are educationally qualified) but we were not approved until well into the first month of the school year. My daughter has ADD with an anxiety disorder so we wanted her to be able to attend her LD classes but the school board said that they were not compelled by law and what they would offer (which was almost nothing) was done out of courtesy.

I called the school board to obtain books to school with and I kept getting put off. I was told that I had to write down the names of the books I would use and submit the list to the board but the school would not make a list available of the books that they were using so I had no idea what to write down. I called the person (Ms. Rhonda Jelich) who is in charge of the home schooling program in our county and I was told that since my child was home schooled, she would have to wait. They had to take care of the children that they were getting paid to school first (mind you my husband paid his property taxes) before they could be bothered with my child (those were her exact words before she hung up on me).

Needless to say, in order to keep my child from falling behind, we were bullied by the Jackson County Board of Education in WV to enroll our child in Ripley Elementary.

Hi Margaret,
I am sorry you have had such a hard time dealing with officials in your county. Something doesn't seem right.

I will tell you something... I took some time to look up information on homeschooling in your state (West Virginia) and it is usually pretty easy to find a state's homeschooling laws on their state website. However, it is virtually impossible to find any information on homeschooling or your state's laws on the West Virginia Department of Education website!

I found a summary of the West Virginia homeschool laws on HSLDA's (Home School Legal Defense) website.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. :( Perhaps another homeschooling website visitor from West Virginia will provide more help.

You might want to try and contact someone from a statewide support group in West Virginia.

Here are two contacts:
West Virginia Home Educators Association
P. O. Box 3707
Charleston, WV. 25337-3707

Christian Home Educators of West Virginia
PO Box 8770
South Charleston, WV 25303-0770


If you have any advice or information to share with Margaret, please do so! Thanks, Heather

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Mar 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am in wayne county and they are not any more helpful here. I have gotten into arguements with several people from the board over different things that have happened at my childs old school and then when I wanted to pull my daughter and school her myself it was a nightmare. I feel your pain and hope that things are going well for you now.

Aug 26, 2014
homeschool in cabell county
by: Anonymous

Cabell County is no better. I was told my child cannot be homeschooled even after I send in my letter of intent and other documents until we are approved (2 weeks or more). If the school would accommodate her special needs,I wouldn't need to homeschool her. What does a parent do when their child is being bullied by students because she is special needs? We can't even get a 504 or IEP and her doctors has sent in letters regarding her problems. Homeschool is the only way she will have a chance to learn.

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