Weekly Reader (Digital) Homeschool Review

by Mryia Williams
(Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Weekly Reader Homeschool Review

Weekly Reader Homeschool Review

When my daughter was young and we had just started homeschooling, I ordered her Weekly Reader. It was a fun and easy way to have quick lessons available that I could easily expand on. But the paper edition when you are ordering for a single child is a little pricey.

I decided this year to give the Digital version a try. So far we are loving it! There are video, vocabulary guides, audio clips, and more embedded into the reading material. All of the same stories are in the online versions as well as the question & answers sections. I can even access the teacher material and print them if I want.

I highly recommend the service to anyone that uses the computer for some/all of their lessons.

Great homeschooling resource! Thanks for posting your review of Weekly Reader, Mryia. Blessings, Heather :)

Enjoy a sample of the Weekly Reader Digital Magazine.

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