We Love Robinson Curriculum!

by Donna
(Cookeville, TN)

Home educator of six shares how she homeschools all her children for less than $50 per year with the Robinson Curriculum. Read her money-saving review...

We've used the Robinson Curriculum for about six years. (I have six children, five boys and one girl.)

The Robinson Curriculum is a very frugal way to home school. After your RC purchase, you will need to purchase Saxon Math (or another math program) separately, and you may wish to add a Phonics program to it as well, but it is not necessary. There are printable flash cards on the program, and those along with free games on the internet, and drills with mom would be sufficient.

But outside of paper (10 cent notebooks), pencils (frugal too), toner ($8 for a refill kit you can do yourself), printing paper ($20 to $36 per box), and I use the cheap 3 prong folders to make the 'books' with.... that's all you'll need for school! For less than $50 a year, you can school all of your children with this curriculum. Some of the books could be found at your local library, cutting a little more cost.

The program comes closest in description to being a 3R's curriculum or 'literature based', in that it uses old, REAL (public domain) books.

My children start their day with approx. 2 hours for math. Then they do 2 hours of reading. During the reading time, they will have books on various subjects to read through during the year; from literature, to history, and even science. Then they must work on vocabulary and writing for
less than an hour. Most of the books have a vocabulary list along with various printable exercises to do. The children's writing assignment is either "copy work" or "creative writing".

(This creative writing assignment SO stirred some of my kids, that they started keeping their own notebooks SEPARATE from school to write stories in, they have been doing this for years now. We have boxes of these notebook/books that the kids have written!)
I add other things to the Robinson Curriculum program, such as 10 to 15 minutes (depending on age) of 'typing practice' each day, along with 'music time'.

For high school, I've had to add a little more, here and there, to meet guidelines and even switched umbrellas so I could continue with the same approach (as opposed to textbooks), which my now graduated son really appreciated.

In closing, I had my 3 oldest children tested after being in this curriculum for over 2 years. Two of them scored 2 and 3 grade levels ahead on every subject. The other child scored right on target with his grade level and was in the 50th percentile. The proof is in these results! We love Robinson Curriculum!

What a great money-saving review, Donna! Thanks for sharing about Robinson Curriculum and how it is working for you and your children. Your thoughts are much appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to help other parents who are considering Robinson Curriculum for their family. Blessings, Heather :)

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