Vocabulary Cartoons Home School Language Arts Supplement

by Vicky
(Glenview, IL USA)

Fun Home School Language Arts Resource

Fun Home School Language Arts Resource

Increase your student's memory and vocabulary with this humorous home school language arts resource...

Vocabulary Cartoons are a super-easy, quick and painless way to increase your students' vocabulary using pictures.

Many memory experts emphasize that mnemonics (memory aids) are the best way to remember information! This is especially true for special needs learners, but really applies across the board to all kinds of students. The more senses you use while learning, the greater the retention.

We have used this book for two years, and plan to use it again. Each word has a full-page picture which illustrates the word in some way. The pictures are often humorous, and you end up having a good laugh together, which is always helpful in homeschool! Especially on those hard days.

After you have mastered 10 words, there is a 1-page quiz on those words. My daughter, who is borderline developmentally delayed, can master ten words in two weeks, with about 85% accuracy on the tests, with just a few minutes a day of looking at the cartoons. Imagine what a gifted student might do!

There are multiple titles for Vocabulary Cartoons such as SAT Word Power, Word Power Made Easy, etc. so when you finish one, there is another with more words waiting. They retail for about $12.95 but of course you can always find a better price by looking for used or the discount retailers like Rainbow Resource. I highly recommend this as a supplement to your English program!

Vicky, what a great resource to liven up our home school language arts lessons! Thanks for posting your review; its much appreciated. Blessings, Heather :)

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