TN Virtual Academy

by Annie GP
(Cordova,TN, USA)

TN Virtual Academy is a perfect fit for this gifted seven year old; read her mom's recommendation...

Hello. I have one child. My daughter is 7 years old and in her second year with Tennessee Virtual Academy (TNVA). She is in the Second grade.

My daughter is a "PG kid" (profoundly gifted) and flew through the (K12) curriculum last year!

The teachers that she was working with, other than myself, were very supportive. My daughter progressed to 2nd grade Math & LA's. She finished her First grade year being partially into her Second grade work.

Now that she is in the Second grade school year, she is chugging along steadily.

The curriculum is strong & varied, so it keeps the childrens' interest. The supplies that are sent are of very good quality and the books are fantastic.

I recommend this path for anyone that feels keeping their children at home is the best thing for the child, but still wants a pre set-up type of structure.

My daughter not only attends TNVA, but is also part of a local homeschool group, participates in two co-ops, takes cheerleading, sings in choir & is in a "Gifted" class!

I appreciate the time you took to help other parents learn about TN Virtual Academy and the K12 curriculum. Your daughter sounds like she is thriving under your guidance at home, as well as through the different activities she's involved in. Thanks for sharing your encouraging story! Blessings, Heather :)

Learn more about TNVA...

We found Tennessee Virtual Academy through the K-12 program on television. Read more...

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Ohio Virtual Academy K12 Homeschooling Curriculum Review

by Mrs Oryszak

K12 Homeschooling and Ohio Virtual Academy Review

K12 Homeschooling and Ohio Virtual Academy Review

My K12 homeschooling curriculum review starts with words of encouragement. Please hang in there!

This will be our second year in Ohio Virtual Academy using K12. My son will be in the first grade.

What sold me on K12 is the K12 homeschooling curriculum. It challenges my son's active mind. For example: he will have science, language arts, public speaking, math, music, history study of different cultures and phonics. He will study different artists and so much more! OHVA K12 is better than any brick and mortar school in our area! So I say to any beginners, if is well worth the effort of our bodies to reach the mind of our child/ren.

Thank you,
Mrs Oryszak

Thank you for sharing about K12 homeschooling through OHVA and your words of encouragement to other parents! Blessings, Heather :)

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Florida Virtual School Review

by Patty Miller
(Orange Lake, Florida)

Looking for a virtual homeschooling curriculum for your child? See what this mom used for her two children...

This is our first year with Florida virtual school full-time, and it is awesome. We have two children in the program: a 2nd grader and a 3rd grader and it works out great for them. They have fun, little movies for them to watch as part of their school. The course is free, that’s right, all free.

You get their school books, and if you qualify, you will also get a computer and printer for free also so that it will meet your needs for the course. you even get counting cubes, fake money, letter blocks, and a whole bunch of stuff to help you, now at the end of the year you send back the computer and the printer and hard back books. What else is awesome is that you have a teacher for your students and they do interact with the children and know were they are improving and were they may need help.

This is a fun and great way for your children to enjoy school from home and they are home schoolers but also known as public schoolers at the some time. So if you are looking for a high quality school curriculum with all you need and wonderful teachers to boot that does not cost a thing then this is it. I do think that they work with other states also, but not sure, so you can go to and find out more.

Thanks Patty for sharing! Goodness knows how much moms love these “homeschooling-in-a-box” curricula, it’s like Christmas comes early! -Michaela

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Sep 04, 2015
awful NEW
by: Anonymous

***WARNING***STAY AWAY, I do not advise anybody enroll their teenager in Florida Virtual School, unless you enjoy stress, worry, tension, hassle, fear, and agony! Their website is full of I.T. flaws in the programming-- (Posting assignments--getting proof you turned things in. The layout is terrible and the website was horribly designed. Assignments and lessons are spread out oddly, logging in is a hassle, the assignments are not built around being online (they insist you upload assignments separately rather than have it directly feed in through the lessons), and the third-party lessons are awkwardly integrated. the tutorials for using it are outdated and no longer apply, instructions for use everywhere contradict themselves.The teachers are hard to get a hold of and they make up their own procedures even though they claim to use the proper curriculum. The workload is incredible, and none of this material is taught in public schools. This website may look professional but its really just to cover up it's horrible moderation and how the school works. I withdrew my Child after 2 weeks, this school is a joke, they try hard to trick Parents into believing that it's great, well it's not, most horrible experience I have ever had with any school! I would give it a zero if I could!

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