Virginia Homeschooling High School Questions

by Kimberly K.

Virginia Homeschooling High School Help

Virginia Homeschooling High School Help

New homeschool mom has some Virginia homeschooling high school questions and concerns...

I currently teach in a private school now and I have worked as a teacher for over eight years. I have homeschooled my son before for a year or so when he was in elementary and middle school due to medical reasons but now he is in 9th grade and in a public high school and I wanted to find out more information about homeschooling a high school student.

I want my son to get a good education but public school is not working for him and I can't afford private school. My son is an excellent student that has been an honor roll student (straight A's) since elementary school and has continued to make honor roll in middle and high school. He has received many awards, especially in math and science. He also has scored perfect scores on his SOL tests. He feels like he is not being challenged enough in public school and I can't afford private school.

I also want to know if I homeschool him through his high school years will he be able to go to a good college? What records do I prepare and keep and how do I evaluate or test him yearly per the school board's requirements. I am just not sure of what to do about the record keeping, credits, GPA, test scores and all of the requirements usually associated with applying for college. Please help! Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

Hi Kimberly!
I think you will have no problems with homeschooling your son – both because of his school history AND your experience as a teacher for eight years. A benefit of homeschooling that many parents take advantage of is the opportunity to tailor your child's education for them. Those who learn quicker or are more advanced can move through material at a faster pace – some skip grades altogether
or start where they are still successful, but feel more challenged. Students who are struggling in an area can go at a pace they feel comfortable with.

You will find a wide variety of homeschool high school curriculum from traditional textbook/workbook materials and challenging unit studies to video, online or independent learning curriculum. If you are concerned about teaching specific subjects, look for a homeschool group that offers high school classes. Video curriculum is another option, especially if it comes with teacher support – we have used both of these options for some of our high school classes.

As far as record keeping, you can create a homeschool transcript and keep adding his completed courses, credits and grades to it each year. Many colleges will only require you to submit a transcript along with the college application; others will ask for a homeschool supplemental application so that you can give them additional information, like, what curriculum you used, what program you followed while homeschooling high school, etc. When you apply, some colleges require a written recommendation from a guidance counselor; as your student's teacher, you will write this letter. You will also find that many colleges are homeschool-friendly; if your son keeps up his grades like he is doing, he will have no problem getting into a good college!

Here is a brief summary of the Virginia homeschool laws and requirements, compliments of HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association). If you decide to submit standardized test scores, you can purchase these homeschool tests from a variety of publishers. Some publishers require teacher certification or other qualification to purchase and/or administer certain tests.

I hope this helps you, Kimberly. Other website visitors may post additional information for you as well. Let me know how your year goes!

Heather :)

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