Veteran Home Educator Shares Simple Homeschool Preschool Ideas

by Donna
(Brandon, MS)

Stressing over your homeschool preschool program? Homeschooling mom shares some great money-saving ideas for stress-free, fun-filled preschool learning!

When the neighbors start talking about what their own little Jr. is doing in Preschool, some homeschooling parents start to stress over their own curriculum. When your little ones are two, three, four, or even five years old, you don't need a bunch of workbooks and sit down work.

For math you could use m & m's to sort the colors into piles, then you could teach counting by putting each pile into 2's, 5's or whatever. You could line them up and make a design. Bonus: you get to eat them when you are done. ļ Or use lego blocks, hot wheel cars or whatever your child has a quantity of. Write numbers on cards and dots on other cards to match up the dots with the right written number.

For language you could teach them to write their name or cut out the letters of their name and show them how to put them in order. Cut 3 x 5 note cards in half and write the upper case and the lower case letters on them and make a matching game. Draw the abc's in the sand and "erase" your work and start over. Use play dough or clay to shape the letters.

For Science, make a four-seasons chart on poster board and have the child match pictures to each season (pictures cut out of old magazines are great for this). You could make a food pyramid chart and add pictures of bread, meat, eggs, etc. to the chart. Get your child a magnifying glass and go out in the backyard and look for bugs or worms and examine them, then they could draw a picture of what they saw. You could also look at grass, flower petals, dirt, and rocks.

If you don't feel any of that is enough you can cook with your child, read books about any subject to your child, illustrate and write a story together, send letters to grandparents, play with play dough, do simple jigsaw puzzles, watch the clouds, paint (go outside, fill a bucket with water and hand them a paint brush, the imagination will take over), play with finger-paints in the bathtub (the you wash the stuff away), HAVE FUN.

Your child has many, many years to learn. Don't expect miracles before they even start 1st grade. Let them enjoy being children!

Written by a 13 year Homeschool Veteran

So many great ideas to keep little ones busy and learning, Donna! Your post is so encouraging; it is sure to relieve parents of un-necessary worries. Thanks! :) Blessings, Heather

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