Purchase Used Homeschool Curriculum with Confidence

Looking for ways to save money on homeschooling? Purchasing used homeschool curriculum, educational materials and books is a great way to cut costs and stretch your budget further.

Amazon can be an online shoppers paradise. You will not only find a huge online mall, filled with almost every item you could possibly imagine, but a gigantic "flea" market too.

Amazon not only sells brand new (most are discounted) products, but right under the new item, you will find links to used items, sold by merchants and individuals like you and me.

Click on the used link/s and you can choose the item that best suits your budget or needs.

Sellers list the item and its condition, shipping information and describe the item for you in the comments section, noting if the book has writing in it or shelfwear.

However, I have seen many used items listed at ridiculous prices, so do your research before you purchase used home school curriculum on Amazon.

Read Listings Carefully

Here is an example of a used Amazon listing:

used homeschool curriculum
New and used product listing will contain the following information:

  • Used - Like New
  • Seller: sellerusername
  • Rating: 96% positive over the past 12 months (439 ratings.) 737 lifetime ratings. • Shipping: In Stock. Ships from FL, United States Expedited shipping available International shipping available See Shipping Rates

You can ask the seller questions, by clicking on their username... but beware... you buy at your own risk.

Sellers are rated by how many items they have sold, and by the feedback received from buyers.

Always read the feedback given, so you know if there are any complaints against the seller, and what they are. (Even the best merchant can't please some people, so keep that in mind.)

You may feel more comfortable buying from someone who has made many happy sales.

Look Under the Hood

I like Amazon because you can actually "open" the book online and read the first chapter or so. Try before you buy... we like that, right? 

The "Search Inside This Book" feature is quite amazing and helps you know what the book is like and how its written.

Kick the Tires

Another feature of the Amazon website is the product and editorial reviews you will find, written by people who have also read or used the product. Knowing what other people think is a great way to learn a little more before spending your money.

Product reviews written by other homeschooling parents will help you make a well-informed decision and know the pros and cons of the used homeschool curriculum or book you are looking at.

Check Product Details

When purchasing used curriculum items like textbooks, you may need to make sure you have the correct edition. Always check the ISBN number, to ensure you are purchasing the right book. You can waste money and time if you purchase the wrong item to match a current workbook or if you need the materials for a co-op class.

Find Related Products

Amazon.com also helps you know about other products related to the one you are looking at, through their "Related Items" area. Here you will find a list of other new or used homeschool curriculum and books, etc. that may be of interest to you.

Finding Used Homeschool Curriculum

Searching for products is easy through the Amazon website. You can search by author, title of book or ISBN.

To Start You Off...

PEAH is an affiliate of Amazon. Purchases through the links below, help to support our website. Find some great homeschooling products at discounted prices now... 

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