UK Homeschooling Questions: Don't Know Where to Start!

by Nicole

I am in the UK and my daughter is being bullied in school, so we have decided to home school after the holidays, which is in a weeks time but I don't know where to start. What do I need? Where do I get resources from? How do I decide what work is right for her age? Desperately need your advice.

Hi Nicole,
I recently found a UK homeschooling website with lots of information on homeschooling in the UK that I think you will find very helpful. I have also answered other UK homeschooling questions on my website that may provide additional guidance and encouragement for you.

As far as curriculum, you can choose any curriculum that fits with your family and daughter. Some curriculum companies offer diagnostic or placement tests so you will know exactly where your daughter will fit in their program.

You will find hundreds of homeschool curriculum reviews on my site that will help you know what to expect with a certain curriculum before purchasing.

Some great websites that offer free homeschool curriculum and lessons plans are:

I would also recommend that you look for a homeschool group in your area; you will find much needed support and encouragement as you begin this journey with your daughter. Many families also get together for field trips and play dates; a great way to get to know other homeschoolers and connect your daughter to other children.


If you would like to add additional help and guidance for UK homeschooling parents, please use the comments link below. Thanks! :)

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