TV Math For Homeschool Classroom Fun

by Nichole Cook
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Fun Homeschool Classroom Necessities

Fun Homeschool Classroom Necessities

Don't have a chalk or dry erase board in your homeschool classroom? Stop clunking heads looking over the same notebook; make math fun with this creative idea.

I use Netflix for the bulk of my curriculum, and we love the videos. Unfortunately, the math videos presented a bit of a problem.

The teacher would show how to work a problem, and they would go into great detail about how to do the math. Then they would put a problem on the board and tell you to stop the video, write the problem down, and work the problem. When you have the answer, you're supposed to play the video and see how to work out the problem and get the answer.

Unfortunately, my three girls and I had a problem seeing the notebook on my lap when I was helping them work the problems step by step. Four heads would clunk each other, and it would get really frustrating when someone couldn't see. I tried putting brown craft paper on the dining table to draw largely on that, but when we watched the videos it was a pain to run back and forth.

It finally dawned on me to use an erasable marker like the type you use on a white board! They write on and wipe off easily, so I grabbed one and a small rag. I paused the video where he had the problem up on the tv, such as 2 + 2 = .

Right there on the television, I worked the problem with them, showing them how long division worked or whatever the subject was at the time.

They could each stand around the tv or sit on the couch or floor, and no one was clunking heads. Once we took time to work out the problem, I placed the answer in the top right corner like PIP (picture in picture), and we played the video to see if we did the work correctly. Once we checked our answer, we wiped our answer off and moved on to the next problem.

It saves paper, and it's like having a chalk board right in the comfort of your living room! You can purchase colored pens, or there is even colored window markers from Crayola that I've used to leave messages for my husband to see when he comes home from work late at night.

I love erasable markers and have left notes on…

Counters like, "Good morning, Girls! Great work cleaning up the kitchen. There are parfaits for breakfast (apples, yogurt, etc). Enjoy!"

Mirrors--"Happy birthday! Today is the big day! Have breakfast, and get ready for your party this afternoon! Love, Mama".

Car windows (small)--"Good morning, Honey! Great job getting the promotion! Enjoy your day!"

Anywhere you can safely leave a message (with a convenient rag!) for the person. I even added fish to the fish tank with an orange window marker one time, which could be the start of a math lesson. ;) I don't know why I didn't think of using them for the math videos sooner!

Thanks Nichole for the great tip!

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Mar 06, 2012
On black boards...
by: mrsncook

We got a new fridge, and the regular wipe off markers didn't work on the black surface. We found neon wipe off markers that work wonderfully, and we are still writing notes around the house.

Update on my girls: My oldest two have started (brick and mortar) high school. We had a few issues during the adjustment, but they're enjoying themselves and making friends. My middle daughter is technically a year ahead, and she's doing very well with almost straight A's. She enjoys school, is a hard worker like her father, and enjoys making new friends. My oldest is much like me and needs to make the decision to focus and do what she's capable of. When she stops saying she doesn't "feel like doing it" and actually focuses, she does well.

My youngest is too young to enter ninth grade with her sisters, so she decided she wanted to try cyber school. We're very unhappy with the one we chose, mostly because they have technical issues that make it hard to work, and we're currently exploring our options for the fall. She does very well with the work and has gotten compliments from the teachers. One teacher even had high praise for her and was surprised that my daughter is doing work two grades above what public school peers are doing. We're not sure what we're going to do in the fall, because public school will not allow her to advance past what grade they determine children her age to be in. We're hoping to keep her home or find a good school in the fall and then have her follow her sisters into high school the following year.

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