Trying to Find Someone to Home School My 4 Year Old

by monica
(reading pa 19601)

My son was born with 2 medical problems and he's not able to go to regular school. His doctor told me to find a home schooling program for him.

Hi Monica,
I would join a PA homeschool group in your area and find out if someone can recommend a tutor. You may find another homeschooling family who needs extra money and would love to have your son learn along with their children.

If you are looking for a tutor because you don't think you could homeschool him yourself, know that many parents have felt the same way. Once they learn more about homeschooling, most realize they can do it! If you don't need to work and can stay home with your child, then I would encourage you to try. Even if you do need to work, many parents successfully homeschool around work schedules.

There are many easy-to-use homeschooling programs that you can use with your son; you'll also save a ton of money on tutoring costs too. I highly recommend Five in a Row or Before Five in a Row. You can find some Five in a Row reviews to learn more about this easy-to-use homeschooling curriculum.

Heather :)

If you have additional insight for Monica or parents in similar situations, OR know of tutors in and around the Reading, PA area, please use the comments link below. Thanks!

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