Too Much Homeschooling Stuff

by Tamala

Help! I have too much homeschooling stuff!

Help! I have too much homeschooling stuff!

How do you keep your homeschooling stuff from piling up and getting out of control? Other home educators want to know!

Hi. I am a homeschooling mother of two. I've been homeschooling my seven year old son since PreK and he's now starting second grade. My four year old is starting PreK this year. I have so much homeschooling stuff that I don't know what to do with it.

Is it necessary to store all of his work and books for the future or only keep some of it. What would be good to keep and what is okay to toss? How should everything be stored until I need to use it again on my younger children? I don't want to get rid of anything that I may need later and I also have a hard time trashing any of my sons work for sentimental reasons. Thank you.

Hi Tamala!
I am sure many homeschooling moms (and maybe some dads) can relate! I know I can! We are in the middle of moving. Since the house we are moving into is much smaller than our current one, I am currently going through everything in our house, including our homeschool materials and have been tossing a lot! We just had a bonfire a few weeks ago and we burned a lot of old workbooks and homeschooling stuff. :)

Sometimes it's hard to get rid of our children's projects or work, but we really can't keep it all. As you know, it can really pile up!

I usually have to go through their projects and artwork, etc. a few times. I keep the best or most special pieces and throw the rest away. Most of the time, my kids aren't around when I do this and they have forgotten about their creations. Each time I get rid of a little more.

Taking pictures is a great way to keep the memory but not the project. You can create a photo album or memory book for each year. Once projects are completed, take a picture of your child with their completed project and add it to your album. You can also include samples of your son's handwriting, creative writing or anything else you want to remember in the book or
a binder. (You will also have a portfolio ready if your state requires it or you need one in the future.)

I usually keep the previous grade workbooks until they have completed the next grade. There have been times in the upper elementary and high school grades where my kids have needed to look at their old books for a refresher or to look up something. If you don't have the space, just toss them. You can always look the information up online.

If you really like a certain curriculum or course and you know you will use it with your next child, keep it. If there are many years in between children, you may want to consider getting rid of it, especially if you lack storage space. You don't have too much of a gap between your children, so keeping something for a couple years will save you money and time since you won't have to re-buy it or look for it again.

I store my curriculum in large, clear plastic bins. I love that they are clear, so I can see what is inside them without having to dig through everything. Once you are done with a course or unit, put everything that you used together, and label the outside of the box. Again, only keep what you are certain you will use in the future. Huge rubber bands keep teacher's manuals, answer keys, etc from getting lost or separated.

Another idea is to use stackable milk crates or a filing cabinet. You can organize the curriculum and different units in labeled file folders, etc. and it will be ready when you need it in the future.

I hope some of these ideas help you begin to organize your homeschool curriculum and your son's work. Other website visitors may post some additional ideas for you too.
Heather :)

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