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by Katie

Looking for a homeschool writing course? Georgia home educator shares an informative Time4Writing review...

My boys have been homeschooling since 2005. Normally, everything we've covered has been easy enough for me to teach, lol. As they get older, I find I'm having to look for help with certain subject matters.

The first time this really hit me was a couple of months ago (April/May 2012) when my oldest, age 12, said he wanted to do some creative writing. He had an idea in his head for a novel and wanted to see what he could do with it. I was surprised but thrilled! As he started to show me his progress, I noticed that the story was fantastic but he could use a little more instruction on basic mechanics, grammar, structure, etc.

So I turned to the Internet, since the computer is our preferred method of teaching and learning.

I kept seeing Time4Writing (www.time4writing.com) recommended in the homeschool forums that I belong to, so we decided to give it a try. Each paid course is eight weeks long, and they have courses covering everything from elementary paragraph writing to high school SAT essay writing. The also have some great, free writing resources!

The first thing I noticed was that the site was SUPER easy to look through and get information about the program and the courses. Everything was laid out so well, and because of the details about each course, we were able to quickly decide which course would be the best first course for our son.

He had no issues logging in every day. The entire eight
week schedule was laid out so he could see exactly what was coming up and when. The instructions for each lesson were laid out well, but if he did ever have a question or anything, he had a certified teacher (each student only gets one, so that's great...no confusion as to who to ask questions to!) available to him via email. She always responded in a timely manner, and was encouraging rather than chastising; even when my son needed to make several corrections.

Each day, he could log in and see his grade/score for the previous lesson, and he always knew exactly what he needed to work on that day.

Aside from relieving a little of the teaching burden from my shoulders, T4W also did an excellent job of record keeping for me! And at the end of the course, my son received a certificate showing which course he completed, his final grade and how many credit hours he earned throughout the course.

Each course costs $99. While I can certainly see that as prohibitive for some families, it was cheaper than similar programs we price checked.

Ultimately, we both loved the program. He even asked when he could take the next one. We are waiting until after Labor Day, but I have no doubt that he will complete at least a couple more of these courses during the upcoming school year. I would definitely recommend! :)

Thanks for the very informative and well-written Time4Writing review, Katie; I appreciate the time you took to help others! Blessings, Heather :)

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Oct 14, 2015
Informative NEW
by: Pious

I think this is a useful course that can be done by most of the kids easily. You have given a good review about this new course. I am taking your words seriously and going to suggest this course for my kids. Thank you! Mozzarella Stretching Curd

Nov 06, 2015
Great NEW
by: jim

I received this 8-week course from Time4Writing.com for free in return for my honest review. Time4Writing offers great benefit for your money.
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