Time4Learning & Starfall Homeschool Reviews

by Dawn

We love Time4Learning and Starfall. My 7yr old uses Time4Learning (T4L) and she LOVES it, although she finishes everything super fast; she is in first but works on 2nd & 3rd level. My 5 yr old uses Starfall and T4L but she seems to get very agitated and annoyed with T4L especially since she has she has been watching her sister the last two years do homeschool. She is five but didn't get to officially enroll since her birthday was later than the required date. Time4learning is very affordable, even cheaper if you use the Paypal option. Starfall is super cheap as well, especially since it's a onetime fee for the whole year.

I really like how Time4Learning keeps a record of how long and what your child has been doing while they are logged on, so it makes it easier to submit to our church cover school.

Time4Learning money-saving tip: Time4 Learning will give you two weeks free to make sure your child will like the program. Starfall has a free version that is great for kids that is in pre-k. I would recommend either of these programs to parents who are just starting out with kids in pre-k through 3rd grade.

Also, there is nothing to download you can access T4L from any computer with internet access. With Starfall, you can authorize a few computers so its ok. We only use Starfall on two computers our desktop & netbook, that way they can do school while we travel or for whatever reason we are not able to stay at home all day for school.

We also print out work sheets from Education.com. They have a lot of different stuff that is very educational; both of my kids will download worksheets they like.

Thanks for your Time4Learning & Starfall homeschool reviews, Dawn. I appreciate the time you took to help others learn more about these homeschooling programs. Your comments are helpful! Blessings, Heather :)

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