Time4learning Online Curriculum Review

by Cathy
(Ithaca, NY USA)

Homeschooling mom shares how Time4learning online curriculum works for one child, but not the other. Read her review...

When we first began to think about homeschooling a friend suggested we look at Time4learning. It is a web based curriculum that includes math, science, language arts, and social studies at the grade school level. She was using it to home school her four children, and they all love it.

The lessons are interactive, and use cartoon graphics, music, and funny characters to get kids involved. There are printable worksheets, quizzes and assessments to evaluate how the student is learning the information. Time4learning tracks your child's progress and has printable reports for your records. The curriculum for each subject is clearly laid out by subject in a lesson by lesson format, so planning for the week was a piece of cake!

I was also attracted to the price! The first student is $19.95, with each additional student being $14.95. So we signed up our daughter in kindergarten, and our son in 2nd grade. It was nice to be able to get started right away, instead of waiting for materials to arrive in the mail.

Our daughter loves Time4learning! She actually begs to do school! The topics are interesting, the characters are funny, and she loves the music and games. She is very imaginative and loves silly things. This program seems to really cater to that personality type.

Our son, on the other hand, is very serious,
and has a great dislike of anything silly. He at times has gotten very frustrated with this program. There are also times when the curriculum requires the student to listen to, read along with, and then read alone a story. Then an assessment immediately follows where the student has to read the same story AGAIN while being timed to develop fluency, and track how fluency is being developed. Our son hates this repetition, and simply refused to do it.

In the end we decided to use a different curriculum for our son, but have continued to use Time4learning for our daughter. We have kept our son's subscription to Time4learning, however, and use some of the science and social studies lessons as a supplement to his other curriculum. When a story is repeated again and again, we simply skip those lessons, so he only has to read it once.

All in all, I think Time4learning is a great program, and will continue to recommend it, but with the caution that it does not appeal to all children.

Cathy, your Time4learning review is awesome - I appreciate all the details as well as learning how this popular online curriculum works/worked with each of your children. So helpful! Other parents will find your review insightful too! Blessings, Heather :)

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