Time4Learning and SpellingCity.com - An Eclectic Approach for Learning Differences

by Cindy
(Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

Does your child have learning differences? Check out this mom homeschool review to see how both Time4Learning and Spelling City have helped her daughter...

Our sweet 10 year old has learning differences with a bit of ADD thrown in. The ADD could be more connected to the dyslexia I have found out in recent months, but what we have found as a good fit for her is a different curriculum for each area of study...

Reading: For the past year, we have used Time4Learning! We love the engaging interaction, the repetition (which is important for dyslexia) and the fact that you can have totally different grade levels for each subject...she still reads in the lower elementary grade levels. She also loves the independence that this program gives her.

She even moves ahead on her own, and usually spends extra time on her reading (amazing!) because of how easy the program is to use.

What I like is the ability to check her progress, and the easy way I can see if she has mastered her units via the parent pages. If she needs to repeat something to gain mastery, it is simple to have her move through the lesson again.

Though we originally signed up for Time4Learning for the reading and language arts program, we have now transitioned to it for Math, and use it as additional research for Science and Social Studies.

I like that you can save money by paying for a full year, or you can suspend your account if paying monthly for summer or extended vacations. It is so flexible, which fits our needs exactly! For us, we look at it that we get 4 core subjects for the average price of 1 subject in other homeschooling curriculum...

Spelling: We use Spellingcity.com - it is free and totally customizable. They have also added vocabulary in the past year (I am writing this in 2011). Check them out at http://www.spellingcity.com/.

Not only can you make your own lists, but the interactive games - like Hang Mouse - automatically incorporate your custom list! For word memorization, a pleasant voice says each spelling word, spells the word, then repeats the word as the word is also printed out on the screen. I really cannot say enough about this feature. It is actually fun for me too!

Excellent review and post, Cindy! Other parents will definitely find your feedback helpful. Thanks for taking the time to help others! Blessings, Heather :)

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