Time4 Learning Works for Us

by Teresa

Michigan homeschooling mom shares what she likes and doesn't like about Time 4 Learning homeschool curriculum. Read her review...

My daughter is in 8th grade and has been using Time 4 Learning for the past 2 months. So far, we really like it. She says it's fun, and it seems to be challenging enough for her.

What I don't like is that the curriculum is hard to customize for the child. I am used to another online curriculum (The Head of The Class) which is much more customizable. You can have your child do certain assignments or repeat ones they need more help with, but you have to input the lesson numbers manually, which I find to be a pain. For a program that I pay for, I expect a bit more.

We will continue using the program until my daughter finishes the 8th grade, but if you have a child in preschool - 5th grade, I would recommend theheadoftheclass.com instead. I like it better and it's free.

Thanks for helping parents learn more about Time 4 Learning, Teresa; your thoughts are helpful. I have never used Time 4 Learning, but we do use Head of the Class and have found it very easy to customize. Blessings, Heather :)

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