Time Travelers Homeschool History Curriculum

by Catherine

Time Travelers Homeschool History Curriculum Review

Time Travelers Homeschool History Curriculum Review

If you're looking for a interactive, hands-on homeschool history curriculum, take a moment to learn more about Time Travelers curriculum...

The Time Travelers is a CD program of 25 lessons complete with lesson plan, answer key, activities such as making a rope bed & pine mattress for Colonial days or Pirate flags and maps for early World Explorers. There are also recipes from the given time period, plus penmanship, maps, notebooking, lapbooking and more.

This curriculum is very interactive and hands-on which is what I need with my kids, especially my son who hates to read.

We are doing the 1st three CD's this coming year. Early World Explorers, Colonial Times and The American Revolution. Since each CD comes with a book list so I figure it will take 9 weeks to get through each disk.

Several of our homeschooling friends are interested in it too. They will do the lessons, maps & penmanship at home and once a week we'll get together and do the weekly activity.

Thanks so much for posting more information about Time Travelers homeschool history curriculum to PEAH's Facebook wall, Catherine, AND for allowing me to add your review to PEAH's Homeschool Savings website so others can learn more about this curriculum. Great review - Time Travelers sounds like great hands-on history fun! Blessings, Heather :)

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