The Robinson Curriculum Homeschooling Approach

by Kris
(Portland, OR)

Our family has benefited greatly from the approach to learning which is the essence of the Robinson Curriculum. Rather than "school at home", everything is approached as training in character and high quality academics. The main difference between this and other curricula is that the goal is to have the child interacting directly with the original sources, as well as practicing quality writing daily, rather than being a passive recipient of learning from the teacher each day.

Children who are not as gifted academically move more slowly through the program, but they will show progress at their own speed. We have a range of abilities in our family, as well as a range of behavioral concerns. We have been beyond pleased over the past five years, with both the academic and character progress of the children.

It's all in a learning approach that has the child actually reading, writing, and working math, not just filling in blanks or answering short questions. It puts wide horizons before the students, and they love it! The learning skills they develop are applied across whatever they are interested in, and they do well because they are applying themselves.

I have found the curriculum to also be the easiest to manage with multiple grade levels. The advanced student challenges himself by moving along rapidly, while the beginners have more time in direct reading instruction, etc.

It's also extremely cost effective, as the curriculum is sold as a set of CD's from which books are printed. The idea of printing books daunts some people, but it's not difficult to do and the support team at Robinson Curriculum, walk you through the steps. In our case, a fast printer recommended by the site was so inexpensive and we did not have to work through all the possible choices. The research had been done for us.

Many of the book titles are also available used for next to nothing, or can be purchased new through companies such as Dover Publications for very low prices.

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