The Learnables Homeschool Spanish Review

by Marty
(North Carolina)

Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: The Pictures Just Pop Into Your Mind!

Homeschool Spanish Curriculum: The Pictures Just Pop Into Your Mind!

Want your kids to learn Spanish easily? The Learnables homeschool Spanish curriculum gets your students speaking and understanding Spanish quickly!

Isn't that the worst part of learning a foreign language? I know that vocabulary lists are not easy, but we have found an easy way to learn Spanish with no vocabulary lists!

We are using The Learnables homeschool Spanish curriculum, which can be used with a CD-ROM or an audio CD and book. We use the audios and book.

It is like a book of flashcards, but you do not look on the back to see if you are correct, because for the first three months or so, you simply listen. You keep up with the native Spanish speaker by listening to what number he is on. So it is like vocabulary, but there is no trying to see if you're right, and then getting it wrong.

I have studied with The Learnables curriculum in the past, and I am using it this year with my daughter. After three days, she said when she heard a word or phrase, the pictures were beginning to pop into her mind.

This is a big plus, because many people can speak a foreign language after studying it, but have a hard time understanding spoken words by another person. I know this is true from my own trip to Mexico after a year of learning highschool Spanish from a native speaker.

The first book, The Learnables 1 (with 4 CDs), is 10 lessons, with 100 images each (some repeated, some combined with other words in other pictures), which takes about a week or more for each lesson. Just listen to it a couple of times each day, only moving on to the next lesson when you are sure you know all the phrases or sentences.

After completing The Learnables 1, the student goes on to Basic Structures 1 (with 3 CDs), where they get to Read Along with the Spanish CDs and see pictures. These are sentences and short paragraphs comprised of the words already learned in The Learnables. These lessons also are meant to be paced and reviewed. The workbook part of the lesson can't be redone unless answers are written in a notebook, but reading the paragraphs along with the CD can.

This does not seem like enough work for an entire year of homeschool Spanish, but keep in mind, it is meant to be reviewed often before going to the next step.

Total for 1st year = 2 books, 7 CDs.

The second year has an additional 280-page book, Spanish Grammar Enhancement 1, (with 4 CDs) which is to be used first before beginning The Learnables 2, and Basic Structures 2. (also with CDs)

We plan on beginning Spanish Grammar Enhancement 1 near the end of this school year instead of waiting for next fall.
The sample online only shows the first 10 images, which does not really show you how it really works, in my opinion. The pictures do not "come into your mind" because you do not get far enough into the lesson to see how this is possible.

This homeschool Spanish curriculum is not very cheap, but it can be found on eBay or Amazon. I recommend researching the curriculum site and calling them to make sure you know exactly what you're looking for.

Marty, thanks for the great review of The Learnables homeschool Spanish curriculum. Learning a foreign language isn't easy (I took French all through school and still can't understand it!) I appreciate the details you've shared, as well as your "insider" tips. Muchas gracias, Heather :) Or should I use my highschool french and write, "Merci beaucoup"!? :)

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