The Key to Homeschool Organization Success!

by Carol
(Cleveland, OH)

Just Goofing Around!

Just Goofing Around!

After two weeks of homeschooling, this first year home educator learned the key to successful homeschool organization...

Ok, so last year was our FIRST year of homeschooling. Last summer, I went out and bought all kinds of folders, and organizers, etc...

And within two weeks, I realized the key to successful homeschool organization is preparing the night before. All the folders and organizers in the world won't work IF YOU'RE NOT WILLING to invest TIME to prepare!

Every night after the kids are in bed, I set aside 45-60 minutes, to prepare for the next day. I quickly review each lesson, make notes and highlight points I want to emphasize, and put each child's papers for each lesson in individual color-coded folders.

Some nights I finish early, some a little later, but at least I can go to bed that night knowing that the day is fully prepared, (with the exceptions of a few potty-breaks, a couple snacks, and the occasional "But Mom, I love this episode of ****").

I truly LOVE homeschooling and will give up some of what I always considered 'MY TIME' (after the kids went to bed), to be assured they are receiving the BEST education I can offer them!

Time for preparation... it takes some sacrifice, but how important! Thanks, for the valuable reminder, Carol.

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