Texas Online Homeschooling Help

by Heather
(Texas )

Texas Online Homeschooling Help

Texas Online Homeschooling Help

Desperate teen needs Texas online homeschooling help, as well as encouragement to finish her high school education; read her story...

I am 15, female and suppose to be in the 9th/10th grade. I have no money, but want to make my parents proud. My story is that I was taken out of school in the middle of 8th grade. My parents saw me failing and started to home school me. I did my school work for a while and stopped. Every once in a while I would do school work or read or write essays, but now I don't. A year has passed and I am still doing nothing. I want and of course need an education. I want to show my parents that I will/am better of what they are expecting. I need some help online. I don't know where to start, I don't know what grade I am in. I am lost. I would like to go back to school but my parents said that I would be maybe 16/17 in the 7th grade and if I don't fail, I would graduate by the time I am 20 something. Of course, I will get bullied. I don't know what to do. Can anyone please help with my homeschooling?

Hi Heather!
I love your name... but my name is Heather too, so I guess I'm a little biased. :)

Thanks for posting your story and asking for help. Your situation is not uncommon and I know it will help other teens who are struggling with school, don't know what to do, and need help.

Heather, I want to encourage you to not give up on completing high school, no matter how old you think you will be when you graduate. Homeschooling help is available - online, as well as local support, through a homeschool group.

If you are looking for an online program, you can find free high school courses at: hippocampus.org, khanacademy.org, and http://ocw.mit.edu/high-school/ - these websites offer free online video curriculum that you would work through independently. Although you can find many free resources and courses online, most often teacher support isn't provided for free; teacher support may be important to you.

Since your parents saw that you were struggling in school and decided to homeschool you, is evidence to me that they care a lot about you, and are willing to do whatever is necessary to help you succeed. From your post, I gather that you, for whatever reason/s, have given up. Maybe you're discouraged, or are struggling in your relationship with your parents. Perhaps with your changed attitude, your situation and relationship will improve. If your parents see that you want to complete your education and are willing to work at it, I'm sure they would love to continue to help and teach you.

Time4Learning.com (T4L) is an affordable online option; it costs $30 per month, per student, for four high school courses. Although affordable, T4L is not a school and therefore doesn't provide teacher support, grading, and other services typical of a full-service accredited, online school. Your parents would need
to check your offline assignments, and monitor your progress.

If your relationship is strained, perhaps finding a program with teacher support would be better at this time. As you mend your relationship with your parents, you may not need the outside support, as most parents are more than qualified to navigate high school-level subjects.

Another affordable (and accredited) online homeschooling option is The American School (americanschoolofcorr.com); when you enroll, you receive curriculum, as well as student services like: teacher help and phone support. The cost is approximately $75 per month. A four year high school diploma program (general high school or college prep) costs $2100 for 18 units of credit.

Full-service high school programs that include teacher support and grading, etc. typically aren't free; the free online schools are usually government funded... similar to your brick and mortar public school, but only online. If you and your parents don't mind this option, there are four I found for students in Texas.

1. Texas Virtual Academy (k12.com/txva)

2. Texas Online Preparatory School (k12.com/tops)

3. Texas Connections Academy (connectionsacademy.com/texas-houston-school)

There's another free online academy option for Texas students, but you need be enrolled in a public school, so this option may not be available for you since you are already being homeschooled, or considered a private school student. I would definitely still contact the school to find out, though.

The fourth free online option is:
4. IQ Academy (iqacademytx.com)

An offline option you may want to look into is joining a homeschool co-op or group. Some groups offer high school credit classes. Although most classes are not free, many are very affordable. Some groups offer scholarships or discounts for families who are struggling financially. You will also find other teens your age. Besides connecting with other teens, many groups offer additional activities like field trips, dances, get-togethers, proms, and graduations.

As far as knowing what grade you are in, most curriculum and full-service schools - online and offline, provide diagnostic tests or testing services to help you know where to begin with their curriculum. For the free materials and courses, you will want to start at the beginning of the course, or look over the different videos (khan academy) and start where you think you fit. If the video is too hard, move back, if the video is too easy, move ahead until you are learning new material, or feel challenged.

Heather, I also want to touch on the issue of depression. If you have stopped doing your school work because you feel sad, hopeless, overwhelmed, etc., I encourage you to seek help. Talk to your parents (my first recommendation), or other caring, trusted adult. Addressing any negative feelings and emotions you're experiencing, will be so beneficial to you and your overall health.

I hope this information is helpful to you, or at least gives you some direction. If you have other homeschooling questions, let me know.

I wish you much success in your homeschooling endeavor.


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