Texas Homeschool Laws Question

by Peyton
(Fort Worth, Texas, United States)

Texas Homeschool Laws, etc.

Texas Homeschool Laws, etc.

I am not satisfied with public or private schools, and am interested in homeschooling my daughter. My question is, does someone have to be certified and home with her, or can she do it on her own online? She is in the middle of her sophomore year in highschool. Also, about how much does it run and when can we get started?

Hi Peyton,
Texas is a great state to homeschool in as there are no registration or teacher certification requirements. If she is in school right now, you will want to notify the school that you are removing her and will be homeschooling her. You can begin homeschooling whenever you are ready!

Your daughter can do her school on her own - you can choose an online program or whatever curriculum you want to use. Online programs are nice for homeschooling high school students as they offer more flexibility for schooling on-the-go. Also, most online programs tend to be more interactive than regular textbook-type curriculum.

There are many programs and homeschooling materials to choose from that will fit with any budget. The average family spends around $500 per student per year. Some families spend more, some spend a lot less. Again, it depends on your budget and the program you choose.

If you have some questions about curriculum options you are considering, feel free to post them below.
Heather :)

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