Texas Homeschool Graduation Questions

by Amanda

Homeschool Graduation Questions

Homeschool Graduation Questions

Texas homeschooling high school teen has some homeschool graduation questions and concerns...

I just started to homeschool this year and have been using Switched on Schoolhouse and was wondering if i have to send anything in to the state? Also how do i graduate high school in homeschool? And how do i get into college? You see, my school recently called and said that they have no record of the school program I'm using and they want my dad to come up there and I'm just nervous about what they might ask me and what do i say.

Hi Amanda,
Texas is a great state to homeschool in - you do not need to register, send in test scores or notify anyone of the curriculum you are using. If you were enrolled in public school and just started homeschooling, you (your dad) will want to notify the school that you will no longer be attending as a courtesy. You will also want to familiarize yourself with the Texas homeschool laws and requirements. Here is a summary of the Texas homeschool laws compliments of HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) that will help you know what you need to report, etc.

You can also find other Texas homeschool questions and info on my site.

As far as graduating... many homeschool families follow their state's high school graduation requirements.
You can easily find that information on your state's education website - here is the webpage to the Texas high school graduation requirements.

As you go through high school, you/your parents will keep a record of all the classes you take, your grades and any other extra curriculum activities, etc. that you have completed. You will create a homeschool transcript - we kept an ongoing one that we started in ninth grade and added to it throughout the high school years. If you apply to college once you are done high school, you will send them your transcript with your college application, etc.

If you ever decide to discontinue homeschooling and enroll back into high school, you will most likely need to submit a transcript to the school, so they have a record of what you have completed while at home.

As far as a homeschool graduation, many homeschool groups offer graduation services and organize ceremonies for area families. Your parents can create a homeschool diploma for you, or they can order one to give you on your graduation day.

You don't have to have a traditional graduation; your family might want to consider some non-traditional homeschool graduation ideas.

I hope this information helps!
Heather :)

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