Texas Homeschool Dual Credit Help

by Agiano Horace
(Conroe, Texas)

Texas Homeschool High School Questions

Texas Homeschool High School Questions


I have a 10th grader who is about to be promoted to the 11th grade. I am about to homeschool her at the end of this school year. Actually, all her classes will be taken at the local community college here. She has taken all the tests and is placed at college level. How do I keep her listed as homeschool with dual credit high school? How does she obtain a diploma, maintain records of her high school credits? Do I need to enroll in homeschool program? and what do you recommend?

Thank You,
Agiano Horace

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May 18, 2010
Texas Homeschool Dual Credit Help
by: Heather

Dear Agiano,
I know the anxiety you feel and the uncertainty when it comes to homeschooling and preparing your child for college. Like many others, you will do just fine. It sounds as though your daughter already possesses many qualities that are important for college success.

No, you do not need to enroll in a homeschool program. Texas home schools are considered private schools and do not have to meet any state requirements. As her parent, you can oversee your daughter's education and she can take classes at home, through a co-op, or at a college; it doesn't matter. You can keep track of all your daughter's courses yourself. Download a copy of our free homeschool transcript template. You or your daughter can keep track of her courses and grades on it. You can add the college courses she takes as well, and include the school where she took the course in the school section. You will give her the credit she would receive for a highschool course once she completes the course.

For example, my daughter took a college level history course. It was a three credit college course, but credit hours are a bit different for high school. She received one high school credit for the course but received three credits towards her college degree from that same course.

Once your daughter completes the courses you want her to for high school, you can issue her a diploma. Your state will have a list of courses and the number of credits a high school student in your state needs to complete for a state-issued diploma. You can use that as a guideline, but as a private home school, you are not subject to state regulations. Remember, a diploma is just a piece a paper that you can frame and hang on your wall. The transcript is what you will send to colleges, etc. Your goal is to make sure your child is prepared for college learning and life; she is already well on her way!

You can find out more information about home school Texas support and laws from your state organization (THSC) or the Home School Legal Defense Association.

Hope this helps!
Heather :)

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