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Tennessee Home Schooling Families

Ensure a smooth and successful start to your Tennessee home schooling endeavor or find encouragement along the way.

To home school legally in Tennessee, you will need to know your state's home schooling laws.

Through state support groups, you will find home school support and detailed information on the current home schooling laws.

Knowing the current laws and regulations gives you the confidence you need when beginning to school your child at home.

As a Tennessee home educator, you must choose one of the three home education options set-up by your state.

  • Establish and operate a home school
  • Establish and operate a home school in association with a church-related school
  • Operate as a satellite campus of a church-related school

Each option has a set of requirements for you to meet. Choosing one that fits your family situation is important.

Tennessee home school organizations provide you the needed support, information and help you need to home school your child legally and successfully in the state of Tennessee.

Most state support groups work on your behalf monitoring legislation that can affect home-based education. Individuals in the organization work with government officials, and alert members of possible bills that can hinder or take away the freedoms that home school families enjoy.

Most state home school support groups charge a membership fee, helping to defray costs, and support the growth of a non-profit organization. A home school convention or curriculum fairs sponsored by your state support group provide additional support for you in your home schooling journey.

Local home school groups or a homeschool co-op provides many additional benefits like homeschool enrichment classes and information on area homeschooling activities.

Belonging to an umbrella or church-related school, may provide you some additional support, services and help when home schooling your children, versus homeschooling independently.

For complete details on home schooling laws visit one of the state support groups below, HSLDA’s website or the Tennessee Department of Education website. (

Tennessee Home School Support

Home schooling families can find support through:

Tennessee Home Education Association (THEA)
PO Box 681652
Franklin, TN 37068
Phone: (888) 854-3407

THEA offers eight chapters to better serve families home schooling in Tennessee.
The local group membership fee includes membership to THEA.
Membership fees vary from $27-$35 per year.

******Side Note 03/15/08******
I personally met Claiborne Thornton, the president of THEA, at the 2008 National Homeschool Leader Summit. He exudes integrity, honor and helpfulness and you will find an abundance of support and encouragement through his leadership and involvement with THEA.

Have A Homeschooling Question?

Do you have a homeschooling question, difficulty, or problem and need some guidance? Ask away!

Maybe you are considering homeschooling and wondering if its legal, or are experiencing some homeschooling difficulties. Perhaps you are afraid your kids will miss out, or won't develop properly if you decide to homeschool. Share your questions, problems and/or fears... we'll try to help! :)

If you've overcome a difficulty or have a success story, we want to hear from you! Share it and encourage other struggling home educators... Thanks! :)

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