Teaching Textbooks 7

by Harriet Cook
(Federal Way, WA)

Teaching Textbooks 7 Math Curriculum

Teaching Textbooks 7 Math Curriculum

Teaching Textbooks 7 Reviews: Delighted mom shares how her struggling daughter jumped two grade levels in six months with this homeschooling math curriculum...

What is the name of the curriculum/course?
7th Grade Teaching Textbooks

What type of course is it?
*Combination computer and workbook

How long have you used it?
*1 year of curriculum we spread over 2 years

What grades did you use it for?
*9th and 10th grade struggling student using 7th grade material

Why do you like this curriculum/course?
*When other Math courses were not 'clicking' this one did and our daughter began to learn. We allowed her to spread the work over 2 years as it was more important to us for her to "get it" than to simply "finish it".

What do you like/dislike most about it?
*As a busy mom, I like the fact that it scores her work and keeps record of her scores.
*Dislike the fact that you can't go back and re-do a section if you score poorly.

Is it affordable?
*It is a big chunk of money ($150) but this is a basic 'must have' skill that she wasn't able to comprehend using other curricula. It was worth it for us. I do not know if you can use the product on another child by simply purchasing a new workbook--she is our last and I didn't take the time to find out.

Our Story:
Our early teen had struggled through math using ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) from 2nd grade through sometime in 5th grade. She began being afflicted with a horrible headache. It literally never went away...a 4-6 on the pain scale all the time with multiple daily spikes to 8 or 9.

Because of that she lost much of her 6th,
7th and 8th grade years of school as we dealt with pain, doctors and, ultimately, a hospital stay. After 2 1/2 years or so the doctors were able to identify and treat the source of the pain.

Her struggle in math was thus aggravated by the fact that she had been unable to do any school work for so very long.

Upon completion of her 8th grade year of very little schoolwork we SAT tested her as per our habit. She scored a 'low' 7th year in Math overall.

We started her on Teaching Textbooks 7th grade curriculum in the fall at the beginning of her 9th grade year. She was shocked and told me that this was easy! She was still on medication as her headaches were diminishing over time. Of course, it got harder and she was still recovering. In the spring she had finished not quite half of the curriculum.

To our delight her 9th grade SAT showed that she had jumped (by completing less than half of the 7th grade curriculum) from 7th grade comprehension to 9th grade!

She completed the 7th grade curriculum this spring and finally tests in her grade level, though low in the grade. We will be purchasing more from Teaching Textbooks.

Great story and review, Harriet! I think other parents will find your experience very helpful when looking for homeschooling math curriculum for their struggling student. Thanks for sharing, Heather :)

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