Tapestry of Grace Review

by Tamie Rickman
(Port Orchard, WA)

Homeschool mom of twelve years shares a Tapestry of Grace review, as well as some TOG teaching tips...

We are on our sixth year of Tapestry of Grace. Wow! I can't believe it has been that long! We chose Tapestry, primarily, for the multi-level ability. We have five children and needed to teach the same history period, but at different levels. Using the classical approach was a bonus and having it centered around Christ was perfect.

When we started, we had a lower grammar student, two upper grammar students, and two dialectic students (6-12 years old). We met with two other families once a week, for crafts and for the older students, discussions. We, of course, went all out for our unit celebrations with costumes, period food, and displayed art/craft work. Everyone...including dads, looked forward to the celebrations.

The books used in this curriculum are high quality and ones you will keep forever. The cost of the curriculum, plus books, is quite a bit up front, but keep in mind that you will reuse these books with your younger children as you roll from Year One to Year Four and then to Year One again.

I will say that I did not agree with all of the books that they chose, but the beauty of the program is the provision of alternate books. When using this curriculum, just remember that you can pick and choose what to do and use...they provide a variety of subjects, activities, books, etc. that fit different learning styles and paths. Overall, we are very happy with Tapestry of Grace!

Thanks for the helpful Tapestry of Grace review, Tamie; I appreciate the time you took to help other parents learn about this homeschool curriculum. Blessings, Heather :)

Dana, from Oregon, was a first year homeschooler when she used Tapestry of Grace. She says, "One of the things that drew me to the Tapestry of Grace program is the classical education model, and that we are able to use the same homeschooling curriculum with all ages of children." She also gives some "first-year-of-homeschooling" warnings; read her review of Tapestry of Grace: Year One.

Visit Tapestry of Grace to learn more about their award-winning classical homeschooling curriculum.

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