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Does your student struggle with math? You'll want to check out TabletClass Math - an online homeschool curriculum that explains middle school and high school math concepts in a remarkably clear and understandable manner, through straightforward and enjoyable video lessons.

Designed and created by a real-life math teacher, TabletClass Math curriculum comes along side you; no need to spend hours prepping for lessons or re-learning math concepts from your own high school days.

Through an effective system designed for independent learning, your student completes math lessons on their own.

In-depth lessons are taught by an experienced math teacher; someone who knows how to eliminate the confusion many students experience while completing upper-level math courses; confusion many of us know all too well. 

Affordable Online Math Courses

When John Zimmerman, the president of TabletClass, contacted me about his curriculum, I thought to myself, "Probably just another expensive program that many homeschool families can't afford."

When I finally visited the website and looked around, I was pleasantly surprised to see how affordable TabletClass courses are. Like you, cost plays an important factor in determining what materials I choose for my family.

Like you, cost plays an important factor in determining what materials I choose for my family.

Unfortunately for most of us, money doesn't grow on trees. Because TabletClass knows that most homeschooling families live on one income, courses are priced accordingly. On average, TabletClass is 50% less than other available online programs.

Downloadable Video Lessons

One feature I like about this online homeschool curriculum is the ability to download lessons to your computer, iPod, windows media player, or other movie-player. Lessons can be watched and completed online, but I really liked that my daughter didn't have to remain on the internet while doing her math lessons, especially if we weren't available to closely monitor her web activity.

Students can download their lessons and go, without the need to constantly remain online or at the computer, to complete their work.

Available TabletClass Math Courses

TabletClass specializes in clear and understandable middle school and high school math instruction; current courses include Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, College Algebra, Intermediate Algebra and a GED Math Prep Course. My daughter completed TabletClass Algebra 1 and Geometry courses.

Although I LOVED Geometry in high school, and did well at it, I knew that I would have to start at the beginning of the course, and follow along with each lesson to be of any help, if my daughter needed. My daughter is an independent learner, but needed a different teaching method for math; reading lessons from a book wasn't working for her.

Online and video lessons are a perfect solution to help busy parents, like you and me, multi-task, especially during hectic homeschooling seasons.

My daughter finished both courses with little difficulty; mostly because of John Zimmerman's clear and concise teaching. John uses a no-frills teaching method, using a virtual whiteboard. Although you never see John's face, his lessons are engaging, as he uses a wide variety of real-life scenarios to re-enforce and illustrate concepts.

Watch a Sample Class

Try Before You Buy

You can also try out a free demo course by clicking on the "Demo Tab" on the TabletClass website. If you decide to use TabletClass in your home school, please share your experience by posting a review to our website, to help other home educators.

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