Switched on Schoolhouse Samples

Switched on Schoolhouse (SOS) is a hassle-free, computer-based curriculum published by Alpha Omega for homeschooling students in grades 3-12.

Choices, Choices

You can choose the complete grade package that includes five core subjects: math, bible, science, language arts, and science, or you can choose individual subject and electives.

SOS Video Samples

Linda Difino, a friend of mine and also the voice behind many of the Alpha Omega home school curriculum tutorials, shows you some features and benefits of the SOS curriculum.

Watch a lesson from SOS Grade 7 History/Geography course:

SOS Benefits

Linda has used SOS for many years and knows everything there is to know about AOP. Watch her short video sample and see the time-saving benefits of Switched-on Schoolhouse:

SOS Curriculum Reviews

Another way to find out if SOS is right for you is to find out what other users think. Read Switched on Schoolhouse reviews written by other parents who use this curriculum with their family.

SOS/AOP Homeschool Discount

Save money on SOS curriculum with the Alpha Omega homeschool discount!

Learn More About AOP Curriculum

Continue homeschooling amidst family crises, death, sickness, newborns, sick kids or a job change. Alpha Omega home school curriculum is affordable and easy to use - saving you time and money!

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