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I HATE Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse 
Although Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse is a favorite homeschool curriculum with many, one home educator says, "Buyer Beware!"; read her review to …

AOP Switched on Schoolhouse 
I have been using AOP Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum for eight years and love it. It is for 3rd - 12th grades. Switched on Schoolhouse (SOS) is definitely …

SOS Curriculum For Dyslexic, Talkative, Active Kids 
Do you homeschool an active, talkative, dyslexic kid? Completing lessons used to be a chore for this family, until SOS curriculum saved the day; now they're …

Switched on School House 
Eliminate homeschooling woes! Switched on School House turns school work into fun for these young girls, and helps them become more self-motivated. …

Switched On Schoolhouse Homeschool Review 
Eliminate homeschool headaches with SOS curriculum! Computer based homeschooling helps busy parents, like this busy mom, teach multiple kids, in different …

Switched on Schoolhouse Curriculum from AOP 
Think you can't homeschool? Well, think again! Single mom shares how Switched on Schoolhouse fron AOP helps her homeschool her daughter while working …

SOS Curriculum Not rated yet
Determined mom takes control of her struggling son's education. With SOS curriculum and a customized plan, he's enjoying success; read her story... …

SOS Math Review Not rated yet
I really like SOS math curriculum and placement testing. I have been using SOS placement testing for two years now and it has been a big help to get …

Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse Not rated yet
Busy mom of seven shares why her favorite homeschool curriculum is Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse; read her review... I have 7 children, and …

Switched on Schoolhouse 8th Grade Not rated yet
Struggling public school student enjoys AOP Switched on Schoolhouse success; read this mom's encouraging story... I began homeschooling using an eclectic …

SOS Homeschool Not rated yet
Easy-to-use and customizable, Alpha Omega's SOS curriculum provides wonderful benefits for both homeschooling students and parents... My daughter …

Switched-on Schoolhouse Not rated yet
We love the absolute ease of using Switched-On Schoolhouse (Alpha Omega homeschool curriculum on CD) and the family time we get to spend together. It really …

Hassle-free Alpha Omega Homeschool Learning Not rated yet
Even with the most hands-free homeschool curriculum, like Switched on Schoolhouse, parents must remain active and involved. Discover some helpful tips …

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