Switched On Schoolhouse Homeschool Review

by Michelle

SOS Curriculum Eliminates Homeschool Headaches

SOS Curriculum Eliminates Homeschool Headaches

Eliminate homeschool headaches with SOS curriculum! Computer based homeschooling helps busy parents, like this busy mom, teach multiple kids, in different grades, all at once!

I have used Switched on Schoolhouse, AOP's computer-based homeschooling curriculum twice, now, for two children. We really enjoy the interactive features of the program and it makes it possible for me to teach four children at once.

The older two are able to follow through the lessons with minimal need for assistance from me. We have used the 2009 edition with the sixth and eighth grades, and previously with the fourth and sixth grades, we use the 2004 edition.

SOS curriculum is comparable in price to many other curricula, when bought new. It covers five major subjects (Bible, History/Geography, Math, Science, and Language Arts) and there is little else needed in addition to the program.

Schooling multiple children at one time isn't easy. Thanks for sharing your headache-free curriculum choice, Michelle! Blessings, Heather

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Aug 18, 2009
SOS price
by: Marty

Even when other materials are bought used, SOS is still a very good price!
When you think of the student text, teacher manual, tests and quizzes, answer keys....

We bought Bob Jones Algebra I this year, all used, (tests and quizzes not written in) and it still totalled over $60 for the above named items. The store I buy from sells their in-good-condition used items for a little over half the new price.

So when I have to pay $77 for SOS and get all of the above, PLUS it grades it for me, and I can print out the report cards, rearrange lessons, and much more, it's a great deal!
And it's reusable for additional kids, or use it for multiple kids at a time! Don't have to buy more quizzes and tests, (or workbooks for younger kids)

Want an even better deal?
AOP has their curriculum for 20% off every year in April, and 15% off in May. =)

I was able to check this with a representative last week via live chat.

Woo-hoo! Love SOS.

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