Switched on Schoolhouse Curriculum from AOP

by Wanda Rush
(Egg Harbor Township, NJ)

Switched on Schoolhouse Curriculum Review

Switched on Schoolhouse Curriculum Review

Think you can't homeschool? Well, think again! Single mom shares how Switched on Schoolhouse fron AOP helps her homeschool her daughter while working full time...

I have used Switched on Schoolhouse for educating my daughter from grades 3 through 6. I have used the Elementary French as well as the Bible in addition to the usual Math, Science, Language Arts and History.

I started using the Switched on Schoolhouse software because I was just starting to homeschool and it was recommended by a friend. I still use it because it is so comprehensive and easy for my daughter and I to use.

We have a unique situation in that we have a genetic disorder Ehlers-Danlos that makes it painful to write for long periods of time. I took my daughter out of the public school because she was ill and in pain so often she was getting behind. I had an unsupportive family who didn't agree with homeschooling and I had just been divorced and worked full time. Using this software made it possible for us to homeschool.

I have found Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum to be excellent for the student who learns quickly and is able to do most work on their own. I love the ability to set a schedule and change anytime you need to. The flexibility in being able to use the program to insert your own lessons and adjust what your student is leaning is remarkable.

I did have some problems though; there have been several errors in the grading part of the software in the 2005 version. I have had to go through and double check the answers my daughter gave that were graded as wrong.

Some of
the math in the 5th grade 2008 version and 6th grade 2005 version could have been worded in a different manner to make it less confusing, I had to call the company for help with a problem that I could not work out when trying to help my child understand. The ability to call the company is great though, you don't get that with most companies these days. My daughter thinks the videos included in the lessons are a little immature for her age but that was her only complaint.

I had bought the 6th grade used to try to save money and it worked on the 2008 version of the program I had already, with only installing the subjects and not using the previously used installation disk.

You really have to be careful when buying used curriculum, I had a bad experience this summer while trying to save money on used software and I am still trying to get a refund for my purchase.

There have been many improvements made in the Switched on Schoolhouse software over the years and I'm excited to see what is new in the 2009 version I just got in the mail today. Yes, I know it is 2010, but it is cheaper to buy the last year's version in overstock. I had to shop around to see which stores had it available, but I saved $17 per subject buying it new as an overstock.

Great review of Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum, Wanda! Thanks for sharing the benefits as well as some short-comings of this popular homeschooling software curriculum. Blessings, Heather :)

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Sep 23, 2015
Not happy at all
by: Anonymous

I got switched on school house thinking it would help my daughter as and she could take to her sisters house at times I was away from him. I remember having it I. The early 2000's and while it wasn't perfect ( lots of gaps in the history, very unfriendly to Catholics, but that's nothing new) it was bad and it was mostly user friendly.
This new version is NOT user friendly, and the gaps in the history are even worse(the Crusades were only fought because the peasants were bored apparently) and don't get me started on the English. Unfortunately I had the disks for longer then 30 days so I'm stuck with it . I'm not even sure I can sell it. I hope I help at least one person to not make the mistake of getting it.
Not a happy customer

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