Switched on Schoolhouse Benefits

by a military homeschool mom

Military homeschooling mom shares some great benefits of using Switched on Schoolhouse; read her review and helpful tips...

This is our first year homeschooling our 4th and 6th grader. We chose Switched on Schoolhouse due to the many reviews by close friends who homeschool. It seems a perfect fit for us. The kids can work at their own pace and everything is graded and tracked for you! That leaves us with a lot of time to work on other homeschooling, like home-keeping skills and gardening.

Now the price issue is pretty huge. Switched on Schoolhouse is very expensive. However after the first two years we will only have to buy one year of curriculum, as you can reuse the past curriculums you've purchased for other children in your home. So that makes a significant savings. Also we purchased it over the phone and my husband is in the military and they offer a 20% discount for military.

So far the kids are really liking this curriculum. Switched on Schoolhouse is all on the computer and my kids are not used to computers. My 6th grader can do the curriculum a little easier as he has had more practice on computers, his goal is to finish 6th and 7th grade between this summer and next summer. He will most likely be able to do that fairly easily.
My daughter who is in the 4th grade has struggled a little bit with the game portion of the curriculum, she's not fast enough to do it correctly. But as she gets more and more familiar with computer, she will get faster and it will get much easier.

Since SOS is computer based, we are supplementing with handwriting every year, because they aren't writing as much. Although my kids do take notes to use on the tests. I told them if they take notes they can use them, otherwise no looking back for tests, just to encourage them to be writing and taking notes to help them.

All in all it looks like this is the curriculum for us. Especially since this mom is incredibly disorganized!! I can focus more on what I need to get done during the day instead of grading dozens of papers a day. For me, the only con is the price, but all in all it's worth it for our family!

Thanks so much for helping other parents learn more about Switched on Schoolhouse and how it has worked for your military family. Your comments and savings tips are very helpful. Thanks too, for the many sacrifices your family has made to help keep our country safe - we appreciate you! Wishing you many more years of happy homeschooling! Blessings, Heather :)

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