Stress-free Math with ALEKS Online Homeschool Curriculum

by DeAnna Whatley
(Hot Springs,Ar)

Aleks Online Homeschool Curriculum for 3rd-6th Grade

Aleks Online Homeschool Curriculum for 3rd-6th Grade

Like your homeschool program; don't like the math? Mom switched to ALEKS online homeschool curriculum and couldn't be happier; read her story and homeschool review...

I tried a couple different all-in-one, or curriculums in a box such as Calvert and ABeka; both of which I liked a lot. They simplified things a lot by having everything planned for me and all laid out in a step by step guide. The only problem was, my daughter just couldn't seem to get the math down. She would constantly get lost and forget what she was doing or how she was supposed to be doing it. Then I found Aleks online homeschool curriculum and began trying it out the summer of her third grade year. The most amazing thing happened ... She liked it!

Since Aleks is mostly online curriculum, she felt like she was in control of what she was learning. Aleks gives detailed explanations for every type of problem and prompts child to try again until showing mastery of problem type. It also shows progress during each session using a pie chart and allows student to choose problem type to work on throughout each section.

The program allows me to print out worksheets as often as I need for review. I get a progress report regularly and a master account to make assignments, request assessment (they do these regularly beginning at signup, too), and now give quizzes.

They also have a "games" section called quick tables to help with memorizing multiplication tables. Aleks is inexpensive online homeschool curriculum; they also have family accounts that allows you to take advantage of discounted pricing if you have more than one child or family member in need of math classes. They offer adult courses as well, for continuing education.

I just can't say enough good things about this program it has helped my daughter so much!! And, my son who is now in 1st grade can't wait to give it a try!

DeAnna, thanks for sharing; your review of ALEKS online homeschool curriculum is very helpful. Blessings, Heather :)

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