Homeschool Economics: Stock Market Education

If you would like some in-depth stock market education to supplement your homeschool economics course, look no further than The Stock Market Companion.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting Eric Stasak, creator of Stock Market Companion and a busy homeschooling dad.

I say "busy" because he has five children under the age of nine, AND he works from home teaching and helping others learn how to become successful investors!

If you have homeschool high school students, or children who are very interested in economics, the stock market or business, Eric is definitely the guy you want them to learn from.

An "A" in Economics ≠ Responsible Financial Management

While typical economics courses give a brief overview of many related topics, most do not teach students how to be good managers of their money, OR show them exactly how to grow their money, like Eric does.

Since the mid 80's, Eric has been growing his money through buying and selling stocks. While working in business development in Europe, he became dissatisfied with the fees and lack of performance of mutual funds. Instead of letting someone else continue to manage his money, he began to learn how to manage it himself; a skill everyone needs to acquire. Because of his success, Eric was able to quit his full-time job, in 1997; the stock market is now his main source of income.

Hands-on Stock Market Education

Eric created The Stock Market Companion – a stock market education tool to help you learn to manage, invest and grow your money on your own, instead of letting someone else do it for you. Many homeschool families have gone through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace program (if you have never heard of it, you must check out this highly recommended homeschooling course!); they have reduced their debt and started saving money. But what are you supposed to do next?

I believe Eric has the answer! Common stock investing or Story Stock Investing, as he calls it. Here is a video of Eric explaining Story Stock Investing...

Great for Independent Learners

Eric gave me a free subscription to look behind the scenes of The Stock Market Companion and review it, if I liked it. I agreed but told him I can ONLY recommend quality products that are a good fit for homeschool families. Guess what? His program, although not a traditional homeschool course, is a great fit for homeschool families who embrace more non-traditional, independent learning methods!

Stock Market Education for Anyone

I would classify myself as a stock market beginner. Basically, I know very little about the stock market or investing and I certainly don't feel qualified to teach my teen anything about the stock market!

However, through Eric's website and the Stock Market Companion's 15Minute Market Updates (email updates you receive at least three times a week), I have greatly increased my knowledge and understanding of stocks, the market, and investing. Although I am not ready to begin to invest any money right now, I know that in the future we will have the confidence to buy for the very first time. If you already know the basics of the stock market or have done some investing, I know you will be ready much quicker than my family.

Stock Market Companion Benefits

What I like best about Stock Market Companion (SMC): As a SMC subscriber, you and your student have the opportunity to peek over the shoulder of a stock market expert and see how he makes money through the stock market. Eric gives you an inside look at the companies he invests in and shares the thought process behind his decisions. He also informs you of stocks to avoid because of certain market conditions or other factors, and highlights different companies to watch for future investing, if the time becomes right.

I appreciate Eric's passion for responsible financial management; he truly wants to educate and share his wealth of knowledge with families, AND help them grow their money successfully. Through charts, graphs and summaries, you will quickly begin to learn about the global economy, common stocks and basic requirements for investing success. He personally calls each new SMC subscriber; he will also answer your questions, no matter how silly you think they are; believe me, I have asked a few!

Invest with Confidence

The SMC's motto is: Invest on your own, but not alone. The SMC gives you the essential tools you need to manage, invest and grow your money yourself. You will gain confidence, have complete control over your finances and save money by eliminating hefty stock broker fees and commissions. Whether you want to learn how to invest, become a better investor, or give your student a hands-on stock market education, The Stock Market Companion will be at your side every step of the way.

Additional Stock Market Companion Info

Read my Stock Market Companion review to learn more about this new stock market education and investing program for homeschooling families who want to teach their children responsible financial management.

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