Stock Market Companion: Hands-on Homeschool Economics

The Stock Market Companion was created by homeschooling dad, Eric Stasak, to help individuals and families learn how to successfully manage and grow their money – on their own.

Based on Eric's 25+ year experience, coupled with some proven principles and his remarkable success (in 1997, he quit his lucrative international business career; the stock market has been a source of income ever since), his new program teaches you how to grow your money through common stocks.

The Stock Market Companion makes a perfect supplement for your student's economics course or to teach your children about the global economy.

Hands-on Business Education

Most economics courses are short on information AND practical application in regards to investing and the stock market. The Stock Market Companion provides an in-depth, hands-on stock market education; your student will learn about business, global markets and will gain the necessary skills they need to successfully buy and sell stocks.

Develop Important Life Skills

Although not a typical curriculum, SMC helps students develop important life skills in responsible financial management. You and your student will get to look over the shoulder of a stock market expert in action and watch what he does. Eric knows a ton about managing money and loves to teach others so they can be successful managers of their money too. You can use the SMC to increase your knowledge about the stock market, use it to make money once you gain confidence, or both!

Even though many lost much during the recent financial crisis, Eric explains why "now" is a great time to invest in stocks... even in this unstable economy...

Eric gave me a free subscription so I could learn more about his new program and tell you about it, if I liked it. Well, I do and think other homeschooling families will benefit from the wealth of knowledge found in the Stock Market Companion.

My Personal Experience

Just the other day, I forwarded a SMC 15Minute Market Update to my husband because the price of Gold had dropped. He keeps up-to-date with certain stocks and commodities, one of them is Gold. Two days later, I heard him say out loud, "The price of Gold is down." I thought he was reading the SMC email I had sent him. Instead, he was reading an article on yahoo news – written two days after I had learned about the drop via SMC. I chuckled to myself because that was old news to me and I'm a rookie stock market student! :)

My story is also a testimony of SMC's ability to quickly release the latest financial news on current market conditions, etc.

Some important benefits and time-saving features about the Stock Market Companion:

Web-based, Condensed and Understandable

Learn about the stock market and become a better manager of your money in about 15 minute-per-day. SMC does the pain-staking research needed to make wise investments and delivers up-to-date information in a condensed and readable format. Each Stock Market Update provides a good launching point for additional research and study, if desired. Weekly, web-based multiple choice quizzes also help anchor material covered.

Safe for Families and Young Minds

Stock Market Companion is driven to provide excellent material that is safe for families. SMC content and links to web research and finance articles are carefully selected and reviewed on the basis of quality and appropriateness for healthy minds of all ages.

Opportunistically Conservative

Eric's program is balanced in its approach to global finance and investing. When it is unwise to be exposed to the stock market, SMC sells all holdings and looks for opportunities to come for successful investing. Eric teaches how to be wise about precious metals investing. When a good stock investment comes along, he identifies it clearly from fundamental and technical perspectives.

Reduces Hefty Brokerage Charges

Some typical fees you incur when investing are: fees for orders, account maintenance, closing accounts and transfers, etc. With the SMC, you will learn to invest your money on your own and save money.

Flexible, Online Subscription

As a SMC subscriber, you will have instant access to the Stock Market Companion for as long as you want – one month, two months, a year or more. While most subscribers see the value of an ongoing membership and benefit from SMC's timely updates, the program may not be a perfect fit for some; you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Try SMC Before You Buy!

You can test-drive the Stock Market Companion just like I did - free, for 14 days! You will receive everything a paid subscriber receives - all SMC's Stock Market 15Minute Updates, as well as full access to a growing collection of member-only tools and other valuable resources!

Free Stock Market eBook!

stock market companion

Eric wrote an ebook/workbook titled, "Foundational Concepts: How the Stock Market Works"; you can download it for free, when you sign-up for his free, monthly "Successful Investing" newsletter. It will give you a basic understanding of how the stock market works as well as introduce you to five (5) foundational concepts - it's very informative and an easy read.

Whether you want to teach your high school students how to better manage and grow their money, have business-minded kids or just want to start investing on your own, the Stock Market Companion will be at your side guiding you along the way.

Learn more about Stock Market Companion's hands-on stock market education, take advantage of SMC's FREE Trial or Five Foundational Concepts eBook Offer, or save 45% off the regular monthly subscription price with an exclusive Stock Market Companion homeschool discount – for all homeschooling families.

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