Start Homeschooling Now, or Wait?

by Alisha

Searching mom wonders if she should start homeschooling now, or wait until next year?...

I have been wanting to homeschool my children forever. My son, 4th grade, is an excellent student & very intelligent. I am thinking of starting him in homeschool after Christmas break. How would I know where I need to start? The program I would like to use is Abeka. How do I start mid year? Or should I wait until the beginning of next year?

Hi Alisha!
Congratulations on your decision to start homeschooling! You could definitely start homeschooling your son mid-school year. Of course, it is a little more difficult to start a few months into the school year, but it can be done successfully.

Unfortunately, Abeka does not offer placement tests for their curriculum, which would make knowing where to start much easier for you. Some suggestions for you are:

1. Find out what your son has already covered at his current school. You can do this by asking his teacher, or by looking through his workbooks, etc. if she is not helpful. You can also do this by flipping through the Abeka curriculum and asking him questions.

2. You could start at the beginning of Abeka Grade 4 and skip whatever he knows - I'm sure he will whiz through the beginning. When he starts to slow down or struggle, you will know you are at the right place. Abeka has LOTS of "busy" work - additional pages to reinforce concepts. If he aces a worksheet and there is another similar one to complete, skip it and move on.

From my experience (my daughter used Abeka when she attended a private Christian school before we started homeschooling), Abeka moves pretty quickly through concepts. Compared to typical homeschool curriculum, many parents
say that Abeka is more advanced. If your son attends a good or more challenging school district, he may be right on track; he could also be behind the Abeka curriculum. Many parents who have reviewed Abeka on my website have stated that when they put their kids back into the public school system, their children were ahead. Every student is different, though.

3. Don't worry about missing something - he most likely will see the material again in a later grade and can cover it then.

4. Relax, and enjoy the time you will spend with your son.

5. It's okay if you don't finish the school year when everyone else does!

6. To save money, you could buy a used set. I hesitate suggesting this option because you really need to know what you need. You may end up missing important books, etc. I did a quick look on ebay and found a couple COMPLETE Abeka 4th Grade sets. First, take time to look at what comes in the complete kit on Abeka's website and then compare it to the posts you find on ebay (or other used curriculum site). Ask the seller questions, if you are not sure. If this seems overwhelming to you, or you have the money, then I recommend you just buying from Abeka; it will save you time, and a headache. :) Abeka offers a 10% discount on full curriculum kits.

Thanks for posting your questions, Alisha. Your post will be helpful to others who are deciding to start homeschooling mid year and have similar questions. Other parents who can relate, may post their advice or experience with transitioning into Abeka as well.

Heather :)

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Nov 21, 2012
Start Homeschooling Now, or Wait?
by: Heather

Hi Alisha,
Cindy, one of PEAH's Facebook Friends shared this advice with you:
"I began in January, right after Christmas break. My concerns melted quickly, there was no issue in when I started at all. Wish you all the best and get ready for the best ride of your life! :D"

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