Spelling Power for Homeschool Spelling

by Michelle

Spelling Lists for Homeschooling and More!

Spelling Lists for Homeschooling and More!

Spelling Power is an affordable way to obtain many years worth of spelling lists for homeschooling, with rules and study method included.

We try to buy the book used and use one book for our whole family; it's probably the cheapest purchased curriculum we have. We got our copy for $20 and are currently using it for 2nd and 3rd grade.

The advantage of this homeschool spelling curriculum academically, is that your child only works on words he or she does not know.

Although I do like Spelling Power for homeschool spelling, I have a couple of concerns about the curriculum:

(1) For a strong speller you can go through many, many words before finding your '5 of the day', taking much more than the intended 15 minutes for spelling each day.

(2) I don't think studying words for only one day will work for all children. Of course there is built in review and any word you miss rolls over to the following day.

Michelle, I appreciate you sharing what you don't like about Spelling Power, as well as what you do like. Sounds like the pros definitely outweigh the cons for your family! :) Blessings, Heather

PEAH's Homeschool Savings Tip:
Glencoe also publishes a Spelling Power, however, the one most homeschoolers use is authored by by Beverly L Adams-Gordon.
Find discounted copies of Spelling Power homeschool spelling curriculm at CBD.

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