Spelling Power For Homeschool Spelling Success

by Tina

Homeschool Spelling Curriculum Review

Homeschool Spelling Curriculum Review

We have used Spelling Power homeschool spelling curriculum with all of our children. We began using it about ten years ago with our two oldest. They were in 4th and 5th grade at the time. We really liked how easy the method was and eventually began using it for our younger three children as they were ready.

This homeschool spelling curriculum is a multi-sensory study program. I recommend that you follow the plans as described at the beginning and then if you feel you need to adjust you can do so later, but there is a good reason for the method and why it works.

At this time we are still using Spelling Power for three children at home, a 6th grader, 8th grader, and 10th grader. We have continued to use this and even develop our own word lists as needed.

The version we have been using is the 3rd edition with the quick-start guide. They now have a 4th edition that also has a DVD program that looks to be a great added supplement to the already great program.

I was recently speaking to one of my older daughters, who is a senior at college now, and she said she still uses the study skills she learned from Spelling Power. She said she applies the same multi-sensory approach principle when reviewing for exams and it has paid off!

Informative review of Spelling Power, Tina! Thanks for sharing this homeschool spelling program with other parents; your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Blessings, Heather

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