Spectrum Series Review

by Kelly

Looking for a cost-efficient, easy curriculum? Check out what this mom used to start homeschooling her kids!

Wasn't sure where to start with so many options when homeschooling! I was kind of thrown in to the decision, as my child was sick and needed to be home. So while at a local office supply store, I came across Spectrum books. I thought, well why not try one? We've been so pleased with the curriculum and learning experience! They offer separate skill books, supplemental, and testing. It's very nice to be able to run to the local book store or office supply to grab more books when you need them!

The books are set in an easy-to-use manner, with a pre-test for each section, then the practice pages, and then a post-test. It also includes a mid-test and final test. The pages are clear and uncluttered. Like I said, we were thrown into homeschooling, but have ended up loving it and will probably stick with it. It's only mid of first year and I'm glad to have found this site to learn more and have a resource for future needs!

Thanks Kelly for sharing; we all love to read about curriculum that is affordable and hassle-free!

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