Special Needs Homeschooling Problem

by Becky

Former home educator wonders if her special needs homeschooling problem would have been caught earlier in public school?

Keeping it short as possible, I had experience as a private tutor in a few subjects. One of my sisters home-schooled her children up until they reached high school age and they are doing well now as young adults. (One of them is currently attending a community college.) When my child was born, I thought I'd try the same thing.

Nothing I tried seemed to work. It became a situation of great frustration and despair, wondering what went wrong. I went so far as to believe I was living under a curse. It was not until a recent visit to the pediatrician that I learned the problem: my child is autistic.

The pediatrician did not make this diagnosis; she referred me to therapists and a specialist, who confirmed the pediatrician's thoughts on the matter. I had been able to reach through to her on some things, but I needed the professional assistance from therapists and the school specialists to really break through and help her progress.

Perhaps if I had just taken a more "normal" route, this could have been caught earlier and she would not be so severely delayed now. I still work with her, try to teach her at least a few things, after school hours. Now that I know her struggles, I don't give in so much to despair anymore.

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